Best 8 ft Trampolines to Buy (2023) 

Discover the top 8 ft trampolines on the market with our expert guide. We assess the pros and cons of different trampolines and provide options for all budgets! 

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Which 8 ft trampoline should you buy? 

While an 8 ft trampoline is small compared to more traditional-sized trampolines (10-12 ft), they still cost hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars to purchase.  

Not exactly a cheap expense, right?  

Our goal at Springfree Trampoline is to provide you with the honest and accurate information you need to make an informed purchasing decision on your next trampoline. 

To help you avoid winding up with the wrong trampoline, we’re going to use our knowledge as trampoline experts to highlight five notable 8 ft trampolines you can purchase this year. 

We will go over a description of each trampoline, some pros and cons to consider and the overall price of the product. We’ll also answer your most pressing questions about 8 ft trampolines after the list.  

Before we go into the list, though, we have a full transparency policy with our content. So, we want to be open about how we created our “Best 8 ft Trampolines” List: 

  • The order of this list is based on pricing; we’re going from least expensive to most expensive so you can see the best options on the market at each price point.    

  • One of our Springfree Trampolines will be included on this list. There are logical reasons for this, all of which we will go over later.   

  • Just because we didn’t list another brand’s 8 ft trampoline doesn’t mean it’s not a quality trampoline. However, these five stood out from the competition. 

After reading this, you will learn about some of the options you have for an 8 ft trampoline, as well as what to consider when deciding which trampoline to buy. 

Want to see what an 8 ft trampoline looks like in your yard? Use our AR Tool, follow three easy steps from your phone and see what your next trampoline could look like at your house! 

What Should You Consider When Buying an 8 ft Trampoline? 

Before getting to the list, let’s touch on the main things you need to contemplate before deciding if one of the trampolines on this list is right for you. 

To get the right 8 ft trampoline, the factors below are the most important to reflect on: 

  • Safety Features – What specific safety features does this trampoline come with?   

  • Quality – Is this trampoline built with quality materials that ensure its longevity through childhood? 

  • Durability- Can this trampoline withstand years of jumping and weather conditions without breaking down? 

  • Warranty- What parts are included and how long is the warranty? 

  • Design and Style – Does this trampoline look aesthetically pleasing in your backyard? Can you customize it? 

  • User Reviews – Does this trampoline have positive online reviews?     

  • Price – Is this trampoline within your budget and worth the investment?   

  • Other Important Factors- Weight capacity, installation, customer service and accessories. 

Check out our blog on what you need to look for before purchasing a trampoline to learn more about getting the right trampoline in your backyard.   

Top 8 ft Trampolines to Buy 

Since we’re going to be going over pros and cons, there are a couple of universal cons all 8 ft trampolines will share. To avoid repeating ourselves too much, we’re going to go over them now: 

Con #1: 8 ft trampolines are mostly designed for smaller children (ages 6-10).  

Con #2: 8 ft trampolines are not the trampoline to buy if you want your child to grow with the trampoline during their childhood. You would want to purchase a bigger model first. It’s just like clothes: You buy for the future to let them grow into it!   

With that context out of the way, let’s dive into the list! 

  1. Skywalker Trampolines 8 ft Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline 

Skywalker Trampolines 8 ft Jump N' Dunk Trampoline  
Description: The 8-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline is a trampoline made by Skywalker that comes included with a basketball hoop and ball. 


  • Much more affordable compared to other 8 ft trampolines   

  • Comes with embedded safety features such as Skywalker’s patented no-gap enclosure net.   

  • Comes with a basketball hoop and ball 

  • Relatively easy to assemble    

  • Positive user reviews    


  • Its use of inexpensive materials makes it susceptible to general wear and tear and poor weather conditions—resulting in a short product lifespan. 

  • Has metal static poles that don’t flex when someone jumps into the net—creating an impact hazard.  

  • 3-year limited warranty on the frame and a 1-year limited warranty on all other materials 

  • Not visually attractive    

  • Comparably low single jumper weight capacity of 200 pounds   

Who Would Be a Fit for Skywalker’s Jump N’ Dunk 8 ft Trampoline?  

If you’re looking for an affordable trampoline, Skywalker’s 8 ft Trampoline has some appealing features, like the inclusion of the basketball hoop and ball. However, its use of inexpensive material and mundane design would rule it out for families that want to buy a trampoline for the long haul. 

Cost: $199.95 (Amazon) 

Photo courtesy of Amazon. 

  1. Jumpzylla 8ft Trampoline With Enclosure 

The Jumpzylla 8 ft Trampoline With Enclosure 

Description: Jumpzylla’s 8 ft Trampoline is a popular choice among trampoline owners for being affordable and having a high weight capacity.  


  • Comes with safety features like a high-density safety net, curved enclosure pole concept and a thick spring cover.  

  • Includes rust-protection features 

  • Has a high single jumper weight capacity (265 pounds)  

  • Very positive user reviews   

  • Can customize the spring cover (surface around the mat) to be black, blue or red.  


  • Net material may break down quicker than other trampolines, creating a safety hazard and the need to buy a replacement net down the road. 

  • Inexpensive design could increase the need to buy replacement parts and result in a shorter product lifespan. 

  • 1-year warranty is comparably low. 

Who Would Be a Fit for Jumpzylla’s 8 ft Trampoline?   

If you’re looking for a solid and affordable 8 ft trampoline that has a high weight capacity, Jumpzylla’s 8 ft Trampoline would be one to look into. However, its inexpensive net material and 1-year warranty are worth considering before purchasing.  

Cost: $209 (Jumpzylla) 

Photo courtesy of Amazon. 

3. Zupapa 8 ft Trampoline 

The Zupapa 8 ft Trampoline  

Description: Zupapa’s 8ft trampoline is made with a unique two-steel design with W-shaped legs that can withstand a high single jumper weight capacity.  


  • Patented no-gap design of the mat mitigates the risk of hands or feet getting caught in the the springs    

  • Has durability features, like the use of hot-dip galvanization to make all frames anti-rust.  

  • Very high weight capacity of 375 pounds 

  • 10-year warranty for the frame 

  • Very positive user reviews 


  • Static metal poles could pose a safety hazard for wayward jumpers  

  • Safety enclosure net can be difficult to attach 

  • Only a 2-year warranty for trampoline mat, frame pad, safety net and galvanized springs

Who Would Be a Fit for Zupapa’s 8 ft Trampoline?  

Zupapa’s 8 ft Trampoline has a high weight capacity and includes a unique design with some impressive durability features. There are some notable safety concerns, though--like the springs being located inside the jumping area--that need to be considered. 

Cost: $294.99 (Zupapa) 

Photo courtesy of Zupapa. 

4. Upper Bounce 8 ft Trampoline 

The Upper Bounce 8 ft Trampoline  

Description: The Upper Bounce 8’ Easy Assemble Trampoline is an 8 ft trampoline made by SKYTRIC with a Top Ring Enclosure System equipped with the “Easy Assemble Feature.” 


  • 330-pound weight capacity  

  • Has durability features like a rust-resistant powder-coated galvanized steel frame  

  • Easy to assemble 


  • No outstanding or unique safety features; metal static poles create an injury hazard.  

  • Only 1-year limited warranty offered 

  • Not a lot of user reviews compared to the other trampolines on this list. 

Who Would Be a Fit for the Upper Bounce 8 ft Trampoline?   

The Upper Bounce 8 ft Trampoline is one to look into if you want something that is quick to assemble and has a high weight capacity. However, it’s a basic trampoline without any noteworthy safety features and only offers a 1-year limited warranty. 

Cost: $419 (Trampoline Parts and Supply) 

Photo courtesy of Trampoline Parts and Supply.

5.  Springfree Compact Round Trampoline  

The Springfree Compact Round Trampoline 

Description: Although technically measuring 8 ft, Springfree’s Compact Round Trampoline contains a jumping surface that is equivalent to a 10 ft, spring-based trampoline and includes a springless design and top-of-the-line safety features (FlexiNet, SoftEdge mat and enclosure rods). 


  • Made from quality materials such as, galvanized steel base with three layers of rust protection, patented composite fiberglass rods for the jumping system and flexible net rods.  

  • Provides 10 ft of jumping space even though it is 8 ft wide.  

  • Frame is positioned to be “hidden” so the jumper cannot make contact with it.    

  • 10-year warranty is included for all parts that cover manufacturer defects in material and workmanship.   

  • Visually pleasing design that adds to a backyard’s aesthetic.   

  • Very positive user reviews    


  • More expensive than almost all other 12 ft trampolines     

  • Comparably low weight capacity of 175 pounds. 

  • Can be difficult to self-install, although professional installation is offered for $399 (Check out our Tips for Assembly if assembling without professional assistance)   

Who Would Be a Fit for Springfree’s Compact Round Trampoline?     

Springfree’s Compact Round Trampoline has been tested to be the safest and most quality trampoline on the market. You can expect a Springfree Trampoline to last and look great in your yard for 10 years. However, its high price point and installation are factors to consider before purchasing.  

Cost: $1,399 (Springfree) 

Photo courtesy off Springfree.

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5 Common Questions About 8 ft Trampolines 

Now that you’ve seen the list of the best 8 ft trampolines, we’re going to answer a few of the most common questions about trampolines of this size: 

  1. How Much Weight Can an 8 ft Trampoline Hold? 

This depends on the single jumper weight capacity recommended by the manufacturer of the trampoline. On this list, the 8 ft trampolines could hold a single jumper weight of 175-375 pounds, which is a good range to go off for 8 ft trampolines. 

  1. Can Adults Jump on an 8 ft Trampoline? 

Yes, as long as you don’t exceed the single jumper weight capacity of the trampoline. If you’re an adult and want to use the trampoline, you would likely be better off purchasing a bigger model that has more space to jump. 

  1. Is an 8 ft Trampoline Big Enough? 

This largely depends on who is using the trampoline and how much they weigh, but in general, 8 ft trampolines are built for children ages 6-10. 

  1. Can Two Kids Fit on an 8 ft Trampoline? 

Technically speaking, you can likely fit two kids on an 8 ft trampoline. But we highly recommend a “One-Jumper-at-a-Time Rule,” especially on 8 ft trampolines, since they have a small jumping space. 

  1. How Do You Move an 8 ft Trampoline? 

There’s plenty of ways to move an 8 ft trampoline. If you have enough people, you can move it manually or purchase trampoline wheels for assistance. You can also use a trailer if you have one. 

Which 8 ft Trampoline Is Right for You? 

You’ve now seen some of the options you have for an 8 ft trampoline: Which one is right for you? 

Remember the factors we discussed before getting into this list: Safety, quality, durability, design, price and user reviews are the bedrock for setting your trampoline goals. 

Once you have your goals set, align them with whichever trampoline meets your stated goals the best. 

Buying a trampoline should provide your family with endless amounts of joyful moments and should never be a major cause of frustration.  

This is the sentiment we follow closely at Springfree Trampoline, and we’re always looking for ways to assist you on your journey to happier jumping. 

We have an Augmented Reality Tool that you can access on your phone, and with three easy steps, allows you to see what an 8 ft trampoline looks like in your backyard. 

Check out our AR Tool to see how an 8 ft trampoline would fit in your yard, and if you have any questions as you research for your next trampoline, use our live chat feature (bottom right corner of our website) and get honest answers to your questions in minutes! 

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