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The Safest Trampoline for Your Family

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Springfree Safe Jumping Guidelines

Springfree does not endorse activities shown in the (video, photo). These activities are examples of risk taking that may represent a significant likelihood of severe injury. Springfree advises users to comply with the safe jumping guidelines listed below.

Springfree Trampoline is the World’s Safest Trampoline, and minimises the risk of product-based trampoline injuries. We highly recommend following these 5 Safe Jumping Rules to make jump time even safer:

  1. NO FLIPS: Untrained jumpers can land on their head and neck, causing serious injury.
  2. ONE AT A TIME: Having a single jumper eliminates the chance of collisions and significantly reduces the risks of injuries.
  3. SUPERVISE: A responsible adult should keep an eye on the jumper.
  4. SAFE CLEARANCE: Keep enough space around the trampoline (we recommend 5 feet) to allow room for the net to flex out. It’s also important to have safe overhead clearance of 20feet.
  5. KEEP IT ZIPPED: Zip up the net when in use.

Safety Warnings

At times our products are used in ways that don’t endorse the above safety guidelines. These activities are examples of risk taking that may represent a significant likelihood of severe injury. Springfree advises users to comply with the warnings on the product and as referenced within the Assembly and Disassembly Instructions.

Built from the ground up with safety in mind

Eliminates 90% of Injuries

The ONLY trampoline to eliminate  90% of product related injuries.

AS 4989:2015

The only trampoline to continually meet the Australian Standards


The only trampoline brand to passall safety tests by independent bodies choiceand consumer nz every year tested.

The leaders in trampoline safety

  • No Dangerous Springs
  • No Hard Surfaces
  • Soft Mat Edges
  • Flexible Safety Enclosure
  • 100% Performance Rating

Springfree® Really Means No Springs

The unique and patented composite rods, used instead of springs, lie beneath the trampoline jumping surface out of harm's way, providing peace of mind that your children are safe.

Patented Composite Rods

Stronger than steel, but more flexible

Completely out of harm's way

Frame out of Harm's Way

Frame out of Harm's Way

The frame is situated beneath the jumping surface out of harm's way. No matter how hard the jumper may land or fall, they will never land on the frame of a Springfree® Trampoline, eliminating one of the biggest causes of trampoline injuries.


Removes the #1 cause of trampoline injury

Eliminates hard surfaces from the jumping area

Tested to hold up to 1500lbs

SoftEdge™ Mat

The SoftEdge™ mat eliminates hard edges at the jumping surface.

Tested to three million jumps

30 times more shock absorbent than pads

Provides a soft and absorbed landing

FlexiNet® and Enclosure Rods

The FlexiNet and Enclosure Rods guide the jumper back to safety. The fine weave is designed to be resistant to tearing and doesn't fray or run.

A safe enclosure for safe play

No metal poles to cause injury

Ultra fine weave ensures no injuries

We engineer the safety.

You engineer the fun.

Don't take our word for it

Springfree Quality

Springfree Families and Friends