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From Our Family To Yours

Why We Do What We Do

Springfree began with a father who was looking for a safe trampoline for his daughter. Years later, Springfree Trampoline still strives to provide hours of safe backyard play for a lifetime of happy memories. These Springfree families share their stories of what a Springfree means to them.

Meet the Fox Family

This family's Springfree survived a car landing on it (!). Springfree's prompt customer service showed care and commitment to quickly repair minor damage. They (and the neighborhood kids) are honored and happy to have Springfree in their yard.

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Meet the Burrows Family

A Springfree loved by two teenage sons had a massive tree fall on it, but the Springfree held up. The family were so impressed with the strong engineering and construction, they had another one put in their backyard for years of continuous fun.

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Awarded for What Matters. Innovation. Safety. Quality.

Meet the Strickland Family

The Strickland family purchased a traditional trampoline, not knowing it would lead to bruises, bumps and within 24 hours of having the trampoline, a broken ankle. Springfree Product Manager, Mike McCarthy, walks through the components of a traditional trampoline and all of its traditional concerns.

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Don't take our word for it

Meet the Nelson Family

This family of six values sunshine and exercise, so they were devastated when their Springfree sailed away in 106 mph winds. Fortunately, it was found with only minor scratches. The strength and peace of mind made the investment worth it.

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30 Years of Trampoline Safety Leadership

Meet Dr. Keith Alexander, inventor of the Springfree® Trampoline. A dad, and mechanical engineer with a vision to create the worlds safest trampoline.



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Springfree Family and Friends

Meet other Springfree families to discover what they love about their Springfree


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