4 Best Trampolines for Teenagers (2024) | Expert Analysis

Find the best trampoline for your teenager with our expert analysis! Learn what makes a good trampoline and discover our top picks at various price points.

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4 Best Trampolines for Teenagers (2024) | Expert Analysis

Trampolines are not just for young children, and if you’re looking to buy a trampoline for a teenager, you’ve come to the right place. 

Whether your teen is an athlete looking for a backyard trampoline to train on or simply enjoys the joy of jumping, there are numerous trampolines on the market to choose from. 

However, you certainly don’t want to pay for the wrong one, particularly when it comes to teenagers.

Older kids, naturally larger in stature than younger children, need the right type of trampoline that accommodates their size and provides enough jumping room.  

We’re going to use our expertise as a long-time manufacturer and innovator of trampolines to round up the four best trampolines for teenagers.

After reading this, you will have a solid foundation of knowledge to work with as you look to find the right trampoline for your teen! 

What to Consider Before Buying a Trampoline 

Before getting into the list, let’s go over what you need to think about as you look through these trampolines: 

  • Safety Features – What specific safety features does this trampoline come with?    

  • Quality – Is this trampoline built with quality materials that ensure its longevity through childhood?   

  • Durability- Can this trampoline withstand years of jumping and weather conditions without breaking down?    

  • Warranty- What parts are included and how long is the warranty?    

  • Design and Style – Does this trampoline look aesthetically pleasing in your backyard? Can you customize it?   

  • User Reviews – Does this trampoline have positive online reviews?      

  • Cost of the Trampoline– Is this trampoline within your budget and worth the investment?     

  • Other Important Factors- Trampoline weight limits, installation, customer service and accessories.   

All the factors above are what we used to grade the four trampolines on this list. We will go through each category and provide expert commentary about each trampoline on the factors above.  

You can read through our article on the seven things to consider when buying a trampoline to learn more about the factors above and why they are essential to a successful trampoline purchase! 

Top 4 Trampolines for Teenagers (Ranked By Price Point) 

Now that you understand what to evaluate with these trampolines, let’s get to the list! Remember: It’s ranked by pricing (cheap, mid, high, premium). 

  1. Skywalker 15 ft Round Trampoline  

A little girl jumping on a blue Skywalker Trampoline. 

Safety: Includes no gap-enclosure system that protects against pinching points, but its metal static poles could create a risk for impact injuries.  

Quality: The Trampoline is made from inexpensive material, particularly with the netting, so quality is not its strong suit.  

Durability: Comes with a galvanized steel frame that is weather and rust-resistant. However, because of the use of cheap material, it may not last for a long time without rigorous maintenance.    

Warranty: 3-year limited warranty on the frame and 1-year limited warranty on all other parts.  

Design and Style: Not the most visually pleasing trampoline in terms of design.  

User Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 (2,129 reviews) on Google and 4.1 out of 5 on Target’s website (35 reviews). 

Cost: $359 

Other Factors: Solid individual weight capacity of 275 pounds, installation seems to be relatively easy and you can add accessories, like Skywalker’s “Basketball Game Accessory.” 

Summary: Skywalker’s 15 ft Round Trampoline was included on this list for its affordability, size and generally positive ratings. However, you get what you pay for: It’s not the safest or made from the highest quality materials, and it may not last beyond three years without continuous maintenance.  

Photo courtesy of Walmart. 

  1. Zupapa 14 ft Trampoline 

A little girl jumping on a Zupapa Trampoline while her family watches from the outside. 

Safety: Comes with a no-gap design to protect against spring-related injuries, but also has static metal poles that can cause injury to wayward jumpers. 

Quality: Includes a hot-dipped galvanized frame that protects against rust and has protection against the weather with its low temperature and water-resistant material. Also contains ultraviolet (UV) protection for the mat, net and frame. 

Durability: Because of its ability to seemingly withstand weather and rust on the frame, this Trampoline could last around the average lifespan of a trampoline (5-7 years). 

Warranty: 10 years on the frame, two years on the other parts and a lifetime warranty for accessories.  

Design and Style: The Trampoline’s design is about average for a trampoline. 

User Reviews: 5 out of 5 on Walmart’s website (9 ratings). Note: Walmart was the only mainstream source that isolated reviews for the Zupapa 14 ft Trampoline.  

Cost: $617.99 

Other Factors: The Trampoline has a notably high weight capacity of 425 pounds and installation seems to be relatively straightforward, but Zupapa does not currently sell a trampoline basketball hoop, which could be a problem if you wanted a basketball goal with the Trampoline.  

Summary: Zupapa’s 14 ft Trampoline has some impressive features, with its high weight capacity and durability features sticking out the most. However, safety concerns do exist with the use of metal static poles and the design of the Trampoline is not particularly special in any way.  

Photo courtesy of Zupapa.

  1. Acon Air 15 ft Trampoline  

A girl jumping on an ACON Trampoline while her family watches.

Safety: The springs are located inside the net, which increases the risk of pinching injuries. The static metal poles also create a safety hazard.  

Quality: It’s built with a strong, black powder-coated frame, and the mat and net are designed with UV-resistant materials. The “X-Serious” Springs gives it one of the best bounces in the industry.  

Durability: Since this is a high-end trampoline, you should expect it to last for potentially up to 10+ years depending on factors like the environment and who’s using the Trampoline. 

Warranty: 10 years on the frame, 5 for the springs and mat and 1-2 years for all other components.  

Design and Style: The Trampoline has a unique design that is visually aesthetic.  

User Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 (472 reviews) on Google and 3.9 out of 5 (18 ratings) on Amazon’s website.  

Cost: $1,199 

Other Factors: No weight capacity was listed for this Trampoline and installation was deemed to be a con in Pro Trampoline’s Review of Acon’s 15 ft Trampoline. However, they do have trampoline accessories available, including a basketball hoop

Summary: Acon’s 15 ft Trampoline is notable for its bounce and is made with high-quality materials that should help it sustain through consistent use and inclement weather. Its cost, metal static poles and installation are some cons to consider. 

Photo courtesy of Acon. 

  1. Springfree Jumbo Square Trampoline 

A girl jumping on a trampoline while kids are playing around it. 

Safety: Industry-leading trampoline safety features include a springless design, a flexible net, a mat with no hard edges and pliable enclosure rods that replace metal trampoline poles.  

Quality: Made from high-quality material, including the mat rods that are made from material that is 3x stronger than steel. It is also the most rigorously tested Trampoline on the market (tested to 3 million jumps).  

Durability: Because of its strong material and quality design, you can expect this Trampoline to last for 10+ years assuming reasonable use.  

Warranty: 10 years for all parts of the Trampoline. 

Design and Style: Unique design gives it a visually pleasing aesthetic. The Trampoline can also be customized using seven different colours. 

User Reviews: 4.9 out of 5 (1,397 reviews) on Google and 4.6 out of 5 (70 reviews) on Amazon’s website. 

Cost: $2,799 

Other Factors: Comes with a weight capacity of 220 pounds, provides jumping room that is equivalent to a 15 ft spring trampoline and includes numerous trampoline accessories. However, installation can be a pain point for some (professional installation is offered for $399.)  

Summary: In terms of safety, quality and durability, the Springfree Jumbo Square Trampoline is the best trampoline you can find on the market. Its cost and relatively difficult installation are two downsides to the Springfree Jumbo Square Trampoline. 

Which Trampoline for Teenagers Is Right for You? 

Now that you’ve seen four of the best trampolines for teenagers at various price points, you can now start to make a decision on which one is best for you. 

Remember to consider all the factors we discussed in this article and prioritize what is most important to you. A successful trampoline purchase takes time, so make sure you check all the boxes before clicking “Buy” on your next trampoline. 

No matter who is using the trampoline—a young child, a teenager, an adult--- a trampoline should provide you with joyful moments and never be a source of major frustration. 

Before you decide on which trampoline to purchase, you may be interested in checking out our Augmented Reality Tool, which will let you virtually place a trampoline in your backyard to see if it will fit or not. 

It’s free to use and with three simple steps, you can get an accurate depiction of what a certain-sized trampoline will look like in your yard.   

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