The 8 Best Trampolines for Kids This Year (Updated)

Find out what makes a safe and high-quality trampoline and get the inside scoop on which ones are best for your kids with our honest and expert-led guidance!

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The 8 Best Trampolines for Kids This Year (Updated)

You surely remember the excitement you felt as a kid at the sight of your backyard trampoline. 

From the first jump to the last, it was the time of the day when you could finally expend all that built-up adolescent energy. Nothing else mattered: No school, no chores, no responsibilities. Just plain exuberance.  

You surely want the same feeling for your kids. Even in a world that is built around screens and technology, trampolines are still just as synonymous with childhood as they were generations ago. 

We created the springless trampoline (hence the name Springfree Trampoline) and have spent decades as an innovator and manufacturer in the trampoline industry. 

During that time, we’ve come to learn just about everything there is to know about trampolines. So much so that we now make it our mission to provide you with this information so you can make an educated decision for your next trampoline. 

In this article, we will be listing out the best trampolines for four different age ranges: 6–8 year’s old, 6-12 year’s old, 10-14 year’s old and 12-18 year’s old.  

We will be providing two options per age range: One will be a Springfree option, and another will be a spring-based option from a different brand. A description, pros & cons and cost will be included. 

After reading this, you will have a better sense of the different types of trampolines that you can buy for your child so they can experience the same moments you did when you were younger.  

What Should You Consider When Buying a Trampoline for Kids? 

Before getting to the best trampolines for kids, let’s go over the most important things you need to reflect on when searching for a trampoline. 

Below is a list we have expertly crafted of what you should look for when trying to figure out which trampoline is right for your kids:  

  • TrampolineSafety Features – What specific trampoline safety features does this trampoline come with?   

  • Trampoline Quality – Is this trampoline built with quality materials that ensure its longevity through childhood?  

  • Durability- Can this trampoline last through years of jumping and weather conditions without breaking down?  

  • Warranty- What trampoline parts are included and how long is the trampoline warranty?   

  • Design and Style – Does this trampoline look aesthetically pleasing in your backyard? Can you customize the trampoline?  

  • User Reviews – Does this trampoline have positive online reviews?     

  • Cost of the Trampoline– Is this trampoline within your budget and worth the investment?    

  • Other Important Factors- Weight capacity, installation, customer service and accessories.  

Figure out which of these factors are most important to you and use those to guide you to the trampoline that includes the features most relevant to you.  

We also want to mention that trampolines are much like kids’ clothes in the sense that you want to buy for the future.  

If you want your child to grow up with the trampoline, it’s best to purchase a bigger trampoline that will be able to handle your child’s weight during their growth period. Keep that in mind as you look to find the right trampoline for now and in the future. 

You can also check out our blog on what to look for when buying a trampoline to see all these factors expanded on in more detail.      

The Best Trampolines for Kids (By Age) 

To make this list as simple as possible, we’re going to be using two trampolines per age range, with one being a Springfree model and the other being a spring-based model. 

Note: The minimum age we are listing is six years old because standards say that children under the age of six should not jump on an outdoor trampoline. For children under six years old, consider buying a mini trampoline for toddlers, like a Little Tikes Trampoline.  

Best Trampolines for 6-8 Year Old’s 

Let’s start by going over two trampolines for the 6-8-year-old age group: 

Springfree Mini-Round Trampoline 

Springfree Mini-Round Trampoline 

Description: At 6 ft wide, the Mini-Round Trampoline is a solid springless option for young children and houses with narrow backyards or a small space that would prefer to have a top-quality trampoline.  

Main Pro: Comes with industry-leading trampoline safety features (Ex: FlexiNet, hidden frame, SoftEdge Mat and the use of mat rods instead of springs.) 

Main Con: More expensive than other 6 ft trampolines. 

Cost: $999 

Skywalker 8 ft Trampoline 

Skywalker 8 ft Round Trampoline 

Description: Skywalker’s 8 ft Trampoline is a good and relatively affordable option for kids that includes a patented no-gap enclosure that helps eliminate gaps between the enclosure nets and jumping mat. 

Main Pro: Affordability. 

Main Con: Use of inexpensive material could lead to weather damage/short product lifespan. 

Cost: $175 

Photo courtesy of Skywalker Trampolines. 

Best Trampolines for 6-12 Year Old’s 

Now, on to the next age range. These two models would be options if you’re looking to purchase a trampoline for children ages 6-12: 

Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline 

Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline 

Description: The Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline measures 8 ft x 11 ft and is a good mid-option that provides 77 square feet of jumping space—equivalent to a 10 ft spring-based trampoline. 

Main Pro: The Medium Oval Trampoline, like all Springfree Trampolines, include durability features like triple-layer rust protection and ultraviolet-protected materials. 

Main Con: Costs more than other similarly sized trampolines. 

Cost: $1,799 

Acon Air 10 ft Trampoline 

Acon Air 10 ft Trampoline 

Description: Acon’s Air 10 ft Trampoline is a quality spring-based trampoline that includes an enhanced bounce due to their X-Series Springs and also comes with a free ladder.  

Main Pro: Solid bounce quality due to its spring system. 

Main Con: There are safety concerns (springs inside the enclosure net and static metal poles create the potential for injuries).  

Cost: $749 

Photo courtesy of Acon. 

Best Trampolines for 10-16 Year Old’s 

We’re moving on to the higher age ranges now, starting with the 10-16-year-old range: 

Springfree Large Square Trampoline  

Springfree Large Square Trampoline 

Description: The 11 x 11 square-shaped trampoline (only offered by Springfree) is a solid option for kids entering their teenage years that have a passion for trampolining or would like a fun way to get some exercise. 

Main Pro: In addition to safety and durability features, the Large Square Trampoline provides 113 square feet of jumping space—equivalent to a 13 ft spring-based trampoline. 

Main Con: The cost of the trampoline could be out-of-budget for some.  

Cost: $2,299 

Jumpflex 12 ft Trampoline  

Jumpflex 12 ft trampoline 

Description: Jumpflex’s Flex120 Urban 12 ft Trampoline is a good option for mid-sized budgets that are looking for a sleekly designed trampoline for their backyard. 

Main Pro: Offers a 10-year warranty on manufactured defects (can purchase a lifetime warranty for $59).

Main Con: 198-pound single jumper weight capacity is low and may not fit older kids. 

Cost: $649 

Photo courtesy of Jumpflex. 

Best Trampolines for 12-18 Year’s Old 

Finally, let’s close out the list by going over trampolines for kids ages 12-18: 

Springfree Jumbo Square Trampoline 

Springfree Jumbo Square Trampoline  

Description: Springfree’s Jumbo Square Trampoline is the largest square-shaped trampoline you can buy (13 ft x 13 ft) and would be great for jumping enthusiasts looking for a large space to practice jumps/acrobatics.  

Main Pro: In addition to the pros mentioned with the previous three Springfree models, the Large Square Trampoline can add to a backyard’s aesthetic and not take away from it, as some trampolines do. You can also customize the trampoline, choosing from seven different colours.  

Main Con: Just like all Springfree Trampolines, the cost of the Large Square may be prohibitive for some with smaller budgets. 

Cost: $2,799 

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

JumpSport AlleyOOP 14 ft Trampoline 

JumpSport AlleyOOP 14 ft Trampoline 

Description: JumpSport’s AlleyOOP 14 ft Trampoline is another high-end option for older kids that are passionate about jumping. 

Main Pro: PianoSprings deliver one of the best spring-based bounces you can find.  

Main Con: Some features, like springs inside the mat and metal static poles, pose safety hazards.  

Cost: $1,899 

Photo courtesy of Amazon.  

If you enjoyed this list, check out our other “Best Of” Lists to see more trampolines as you search for your next one: 

Which Trampoline Is Right for Your Kids? 

Buying the trampoline that aligns most with your goals is crucial to making a worthwhile purchase. 

You’ve seen eight trampolines that would fit multiple age ranges from six all the way up to 18. Now, it’s time to decide which one, if any, would be best for your family. 

Our goal as a leader in the trampoline industry is to make sure you have access to all the information you need to make an educated buying decision.  

This list helped you learn what types of trampolines are out there for specific age ranges, but you may still need more clarity before finalizing your choice for a trampoline. 

We’ve got you covered: Here are two free, easy-to-use, tools you can use to receive further assistance: 

  • Our Augmented Reality (AR) Tool will let you virtually place a Springfree Trampoline in your yard, using your phone, to help you get a sense of what size would look best at your house. 

  • Our Model Selector Tool automatically generates Springfree Trampolines that would be a fit for you based on your response to three simple questions.  

If you would rather have professional assistance with your trampoline purchase, reach out to us and one of our trained representatives can offer an honest assessment of your situation.  

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