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In Store Waiver and General Release

In consideration of the use by the undersigned and his/her minor child(ren) of a Springfree Trampoline made available to the undersigned and his/her minor child(ren) by Springfree Trampoline Inc. at the Springfree Trampoline retail store (the “Store”), the undersigned, on behalf of his/herself and his/her minor child(ren), their heirs, estate trustees, successors and assigns HEREBY RELEASES, WAIVES, DISCHARGES, AND COVENANTS NOT TO SUE Springfree Trampoline Inc., any manufacturer or distributer of the Springfree Trampoline, the owner of the premises where the Store is located, and fellow participants (collectively the “Releasees”), for any injury or any other consequence of the undersigned’s use of Springfree Trampoline at the Store. This release expressly RELEASES the Releasees from ALL LIABILITY, whether caused by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise, including ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING DEATH.

The undersigned hereby acknowledges that the activities at the Store involve a risk of injury or property damage. The undersigned assumes full responsibility for any risk of bodily injury or property damage arising out of or related to the Store activities whether caused by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise.

The undersigned hereby acknowledges that he/she and/or his/her minor child(ren) are physically fit and capable of participating in the activity.

I hereby grant to Springfree Trampoline Inc., its successors and assigns, the right to use any media from the Store that I distribute online, on social media, or on any hereafter arising technology (the “Media”), in any sales or promotional materials in any media (including without limitation web pages, videos, magazines, and other materials), whether such media are now existing or hereafter devised. I represent and warrant that the Media is my own original work or that I have obtained all necessary legal authority from the copyright owner to grant the rights under this agreement.

In consideration of the publicity I may enjoy, I hereby grant Springfree Trampoline Inc. the right to use one or more of the following (the “Publicity Rights”): my name, image, likeness, voice recording and/or testimonial, or that of undersigned’s minor(s), for whom I am parent or guardian. The Publicity Rights may be used by Springfree Trampoline Inc., its agents, affiliates, successors and assigns, in connection with publicity, sales and promotional materials in any media now owned or hereafter arising, in the original form or as edited, retouched, and/or reformatted. I understand and agree that I (and said minor, if applicable) will not be monetarily compensated for consenting to this Publicity Release. I further understand and agree that Springfree Trampoline Inc. may elect not to use the Publicity Rights.

By signing below, I hereby consent to receive autodialed and/or pre-recorded telemarketing calls from or on behalf of Springfree Trampoline Inc. at the telephone number provided above. I understand that my consent is not a condition of purchase.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the province of Ontario and the undersigned hereby submits to the jurisdiction of the courts of Ontario. Should any legal disputes arise, undersigned consents to litigate any claims in the province of Ontario. This waiver may be executed and delivered by any electronic means whatsoever and said delivery shall be of the same force and effect as the delivery of an original signature.