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Free FlexrHoop

with trampoline purchase

10 Year Warranty On All Parts

The only trampoline that guarantees a decade of safe jumping.  Find out more.

Awarded for What Matters. Innovation. Safety. Quality.

Awarded for What Matters. Innovation. Safety. Quality.

The leaders in trampoline safety

  • No Dangerous Springs
  • No Hard Surfaces
  • Soft Mat Edges
  • Flexible Safety Enclosure
  • 100% Performance Rating


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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s good to understand what size will suit based on your yard size and your family size. Also, what is important to you in terms of features and accessories that come with the trampoline? From safety and quality of the net, mat and frame through to the quality of the bounce and accessories. Reading reviews from customers who own a trampoline is a great place to start so you can understand what they like and don't like about specific brands and models.
The best place to purchase trampolines for sale is right here at springfreetrampoline.ca.We ship for free to most Canadian areas and are able to offer our installation services in various regions throughout Canada. Learn more about delivery and professional and self-installation options.
We offer a variety of free tools to help you pick the right trampoline for you. These include:
-Augmented Reality (AR) allows you to place any Springfree trampoline into your backyard through your smartphone. Try it with every model, play with the placement with ease until you find the perfect fit.
-The Model Selector tool helps you choose the best model for your family based on your answers to a few key questions.
-Measure Your Yard brings in our team of experts to help. Either in person, or over the phone, one of our experts will guide you through making the right choice for your family by assisting you with measuring your yard and talking through your family size and how you intend to use the trampoline.
-The Compare Tool lets you see the differences side by side between any two models.
This all comes down to the size of your backyard, the size of your family and what the trampoline will most likely be used for. We always recommend that you buy the biggest trampoline you can fit into your yard as the Springfree Trampoline will last for years and years so your family will grow into it. Many families purchase a Springfree when their kids are 5/6 and their kids are still using it well into their teens. Use our Augmented Reality tool to help determine what trampoline will fit best in your yard.

1. Free FlexrHoop(s) discount will be applied at checkout (up to $498 value) with trampoline/bundle purchase.
2. Discount applicable for trampolines, custom, limited edition, and ultimate bundles.
3. Trampoline and FlexrHoop(s) deliver within 10 business days. (Custom trampolines ship within 20 days.)
4. Springfree Trampoline reserves the right to limit this offer at their sole discretion.
5. This offer is not redeemable for cash or in exchange for any other product or service.
6. Offer ends April 2, 2024 or while quantities last.
7. FlexrHoop includes ball and pump for quick inflation needs. Hoop includes 1-year manufacturer's warranty; ball includes a 3-month manufacturer's warranty.