Get Notified FAQs


When are new trampolines arriving?

At the current time, we are working hard to ensure trampolines will be on their way soon, although we are awaiting final confirmation from our shipping partners. Due to the global shipping crisis, many items are delayed and taking longer than expected to arrive in Canada. We will provide everyone who signs up to get notified email updates when there are trampolines available to pre-order, allowing you to secure your trampoline as soon as possible.

How do I sign up to get notified?
Enter your details to be notified when trampolines are available for pre-order on our Get Notified page here.

How will I find out when new trampolines are available to order?
Once you have entered your details to be notified when trampolines are available to be purchased on our Get Notified page here, we will send you an email notification on what models are back in stock or are available for pre-order.

Can I sign up to be notified about a particular model?
Yes, you can sign up to be notified about a particular model. On the Get Notified page here, you will see the question, Trampoline Model of Interest. You can then select the particular model you are interested in. This Get Notified page can also be accessed on our Shop Trampolines page and each individual trampoline model page.

Not sure which trampoline model to choose?
Find the Springfree that fits your family. Answers a few simple questions with our Model Selector to help you find the Springfree that’s best for you. Compare Models features and sizes to find the perfect trampoline for your backyard. Have more questions? We are here to help! Please call Customer Care at 1 (877) 586-7723 or talk to an expert at one of our store locations.

Are accessories in stock?
Yes, multiple accessories are in stock. To see our full list of accessories and their delivery timing, please visit our Trampoline Accessories page here.