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We engineer the Safety.
You engineer the Fun.

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10 Year Warranty On All Parts

The only trampoline that guarantees a decade of safe jumping.  Find out more.

Awarded for What Matters. Innovation. Safety. Quality.


The Springfree Difference

We believe kids should be kids and be able to test their limits with safe outdoor play. Our revolutionary springless design has eliminated 90% of product related injuries.

No Springs

Flexible Mat Rods, instead of springs, eliminate the pinch points that trap toes and feet

30 Years of Trampoline Safety Leadership

Meet Dr. Keith Alexander, inventor of the Springfree® Trampoline. A dad, and mechanical engineer with a vision to create the worlds safest trampoline.

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Designed to go the Distance. Year. After Year. After Year.

Peace of Mind that outlasts childhood.  The only trampoline company that offers a 10 year warranty on all components.

Great Purchase. Worth Every Penny. Wish we had purchased one sooner!

Springfree Family and Friends

Meet other Springfree families to discover what they love about their Springfree

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News you Want to Know

More than just trampolines. We cover parenting, kids activities, fitness, health, school and so much more!

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