Why is Springfree Trampoline Worth the Investment?

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Why is Springfree Trampoline Worth the Investment?

Why is Springfree Trampoline worth the investment?

For some parents, there’s no substitute for peace of mind. With the Springfree patented design eliminating 90% of product related trampoline injuries, you can be sure that your kids are right outside your home, being active and jumping safely on the World’s Safest Trampoline. For other parents, it’s that the Springfree Trampoline components contribute to a product that lasts. The Springfree warranty covers every component for a full 10 years and every trampoline is engineered to withstand all seasons. Lastly, a Springfree is a place for families to spend time together, exercise and enjoy fun, safe play for years and years.

But don’t take our word for it…

Here are 10 reasons Springfree Trampoline owners say the World’s Safest Trampoline is worth the investment.

He has become a jumping machine…

Springfree trampoline has absolutely saved us! We purchased ours last summer. Before the trampoline my son (10 and an only child) was barely getting exercise. And then the trampoline arrived! Everything changed! He has become a jumping machine and playing basketball, getting him right back into shape. It has even helped him socialize more with friends, bringing a buddy over. I can't recommend this trampoline enough. So well made and the oval is the perfect shape for us. - Kelly, Toronto, ON

These really hold their value!

We have had our Springfree trampoline for over 5 years now and continues to provide our 2 boys with both exercise and amusement. They have learned gymnastic moves and improved their stamina and always go to the Springfree daily to just "bounce". We are looking forward to many more years of fun. These really hold their value! - Julie, Mississauga, ON

After a lot of research…

This has been the best investment for our family! We purchased in October and decided to leave it up for the winter. My kids are jumping on it almost every day.  For many years, they have asked for a trampoline and I always said "no, they are not safe!" After a lot of research, I finally said "yes!" the safety aspects in the design of these trampolines changed my mind! I highly recommend a Springfree trampoline! – Erin, Muskoka, ON

The investment for increased safety is worth it.

We've had our Springfree trampoline for about 6-7 years now and it's holding up great. It's well engineered and our kids still get lots of use out of it. No issues with wear and tear on the trampoline itself. My son loves playing with the basketball net. The investment for increased safety is worth it. – John, Calgary, AB

It is far worth every penny…

Hey we bought our Springfree Trampoline March 2020 and it has been a lifesaver. With 5 children, I honestly don't know what we would have done without it. We had a massive storm blow through that picked up our tramp and tossed it into the front lawn. Surprising the trampoline held up amazing. One leg was dented enough to warrant replacement and customer service was helpful and fast to get our leg to us. Would Highly recommend! Yes, they are expensive, but trust me as someone who has bought the "cheaper" brands, it is far worth every penny, after a year of heavy use ours still looks and performs like new. To give an idea of use, like I said we have 5 children but not toddlers...they range from 14 - 19 and 70-220 lbs. If you are on the fence whether to buy or not...this choice should be a no brainer! Go for it! – Michelle, Woodstock, NB

Peace of mind.

Best investment ever! We purchased the Springfree trampoline and the sunshade roof. We wanted our son to get his exercise, have fun doing it and he absolutely loves it!!!! I (Mom) even practice my jumps in the evening while listening to music! I can't say it more! BEST INVESTMENT EVER!!!!! So stable and well made. Safety netting is strong and gives you peace of mind. Sunshade accessory provides shade on hot, sunny days. A key accessory!!! - Becky, Durham Region, ON

There is no comparison.

We bought a Springfree trampoline when my children were small. They have had hours of safe entertainment. Not a single child has ever been injured in all the years we have owned it. My opinion of the company grew last year when I discovered that we could replace the jumping mat and net by ordering these replacement parts directly through the company. My children are now 11 & 12 and have almost a new trampoline all over again. This trampoline is worth the money and there is no comparison in my view. – Kim, Kelowna, BC

It's safe to leave in Canadian weather.

We bought a Springfree trampoline after my son suffered a serious ankle injury on a cheap, basic trampoline. Our salesperson answered all our questions and provided recommendations to fit our desires. The trampoline was delivered on time and set up within an hour. Setup fee was reasonable and worth every penny! We've had it a year now and it's safe to leave in Canadian weather. Kids bounced all winter and it still looks new! This thing didn't move during big windstorms that sent classic trampolines onto people's roofs in our area...and yet it is easy and light to move when cutting the grass or wanting a new location for it in the yard. It has allowed us hours and hours of fun. – Kate, Halton Hills, ON

Will last for many years.

When I bought this in 2014 it was a big investment for me as a single mother. However, I have had this with me at 2 houses now. It was the only thing that they asked to bring from one house to the other. Over the years we've had so much laughter and so much fun, mom included. It has provided a source for them to be outside and active. Springfree trampoline came to my new place, did my set up, super easy, very reasonably priced. I've called for parts, always met with friendliness, reasonably priced, shipping and received very quickly. I highly recommend this product and this company for any parents that are looking for a good quality trampoline that will last for many years. – Lisa, Toronto, ON

Absolutely nullify those worries

My 12-year old son uses our Springfree trampoline. I never agreed to purchase one before this, because I was worried about safety, especially around the springs and being bounced off (my childhood experiences). This trampoline has neither so it's been wonderful. The net and hidden frame absolutely nullify those worries. What I like the most though, is that it's quiet. My neighbour has the old style and it's so noisy. Also, those kids get no height in their jumps compared to ours. – Lisa, Thunder Bay, ON


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