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What to Do With Your Old Trampoline (Solutions + DIY Ideas!)

Stuck with an old trampoline? Uncover eco-friendly disposal options and 10 creative DIY ideas to turn your aging trampoline into a useful resource! 

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What to Do With Your Old Trampoline (Solutions + DIY Ideas!)

Wondering what to do with your old trampoline?  

You’re not alone: Old trampolines pose a common dilemma for many, leaving us to wonder the best way to bid adieu to our once-vibrant playmates.  

There are eco-friendly ways to dispose of your aging trampoline, which we will cover in this article.   

However, we also have 10 fun and creative ideas for those willing to think outside of the box with their aging trampoline. Read on and we’ll show you!  

In the market for a new trampoline? Check out our award-winning springless trampolines if you’re looking for an upgrade!  

What to Do With an Old Trampoline (3 Solutions) 

If you’re looking for what to do with your old trampoline, one of these three solutions could be your answer. 

We’re first going to cover the two solutions that involve disposing of your old trampoline.  

Stay tuned for the third solution if you’re looking for ideas on how to turn your old trampoline into something helpful!   

Solution #1: Recycle the Trampoline 

Trampolines can be recycled but the process can be a bit tedious due to their large size.  

Metal components, like the trampoline frame and springs, must be taken to a recycling centre that recycles metal or a nearby scrapyard.   

You also should check with your local recycling guidelines to ensure the correct procedures are being followed.  

If your goal is to get rid of the trampoline, consider hiring a junk removal and disposal service to do the work for you. Search “trampoline removal near me” into your search engine and a list of local companies will pop up. 

Solution #2: Sell or Donate the Trampoline  

Other options you have with an old trampoline would be to sell it or donate it to a local organization.   

Used trampolines lose value over time. If you have a high-quality trampoline – like a Springfree – you can retain some value by selling it. However, this is an exception, not a rule.   

Donating the trampoline (assuming it’s in fair condition) would be an easier solution. Local community groups or schools would be a good place to start looking.  

Solution #3: Repurpose the Trampoline  

The last solution is for the handy and imaginative folks out there. Believe it or not, you can turn an old trampoline into many things that can amplify your home…   

10 DIY Ideas for What to Do With an Old Trampoline  

Based on online research, we have found 10 fun DIY ideas to turn your old trampoline into a useful resource. Many ideas were from users who posted their repurposed trampoline ideas on Pinterest. See below for the results!  

1. Hangout Spot 

A hangout spot made with an old trampoline frame.

This household turned their old trampoline into a designated “chill” spot. The hula grass skirts were bought from the dollar store (according to the Pinterest post) and the lights make this a prime place for late-night conversations with friends.  

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.   

2. Movie Theatre  

Three kids watching a movie on a Springfree Trampoline with lights.

Maybe you don’t want to use your old trampoline for jumping anymore. But how about an outdoor movie theatre?   

Hosting a DIY backyard movie night is easier than it sounds. An old trampoline-turned-movie-theatre can give you that classic drive-in theatre feel – at your house!  

3. Greenhouse 

A greenhouse built with an old trampoline frame.

If you’re interested in a greenhouse for your home, an old trampoline can also be turned into a DIY greenhouse 

This will require more materials than just the trampoline frame, possibly including PVC piping, wood, electrical tape, screens, plastic sheeting and thermometers.   

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.   

4. Trampoline Fort  

Two girls reading books on a trampoline built like a fort.

Kids love building forts, and a trampoline is one of the best places to build a fort. You can make the fort a prime spot for reading books, drawing, playing video games or making memories with friends!  

5. Garden Arch   

A garden arch made with an old trampoline frame.

A popular old trampoline idea is to turn the frame into a garden arch. An oval trampoline would likely work best here.  

You will need to cut the frame and dig a foot into the ground before adding cement or rocks to support the foundation.    

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.   

6. Soccer Goal/BackStop  

A trampoline frame turned into a backstop.

This repurposing idea is a unique one and could be a great fit if your little ones play sports.   

You can use this as a back stop for hitting baseballs/softballs or as a soccer goal. According to the Pinterest post, this was made using old trampoline poles and a net. The artificial turf is a nice touch.   

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.   

7. Chicken Coop  

A trampoline frame turned into a chicken coop.

Another common repurposing idea is turning the frame into an old trampoline chicken coop. To build the coop, have the trampoline frame form the sides of the structure while adding chicken wire around the enclosure.   

You will also need to have a nesting box like the one you see on the left of the picture above. This is a good idea for those who want to teach their kids about farming and the responsibility of maintaining pets! 

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.  

8. Pavilion   

A trampoline turned into a pavilion.

Similar to the first idea we discussed, if you want a cozy spot to sit outside, an old trampoline can also become a DIY pavilion.   

It will block the sun and serve as a unique addition to your backyard!  

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.   

9. Garden Fence

An old trampoline frame turned into a garden.

Gardens are popular places for repurposed trampolines, and this time, the old trampoline is helping to fence out pests. To do this, simply turn the trampoline over and put some soil over the surface.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.  

10. Outdoor Bed  

Three kids eating popcorn with blankets and pillows on a trampoline.

A trampoline is an exciting place to host a sleepover with friends. Unlike the other DIY ideas in this article, turning your trampoline into a bed won’t take much work.   

Just grab some blankets, pillows and snacks and you’re good to go!  

In the Market for a New Trampoline?   

There are many things you can do with an old trampoline, whether it’s recycling, selling/donating or repurposing it.   

But if you or your kids still have bouncing ambitions, it might be time to look at investing in a new trampoline.   

We don’t just offer any new trampoline at Springfree. Our springless trampolines have been independently tested and proven to be the safest, highest-quality and longest-lasting Trampolines you can find. 

A girl jumping on a Springfree Trampoline while a little boy runs around it. 

So, while you’re figuring out what to do with your old trampoline, check out our honest analysis, “Answering Your Most Pressing Questions About Springfree Trampoline,” and see if a Springfree is right for your yard! 

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