5 Best Trampolines With Basketball Hoop | Expert Picks

Expert choices: 5 top trampolines with basketball hoops revealed. Your ultimate guide to slam-dunk fun starts here!

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5 Best Trampolines With Basketball Hoop | Expert Picks

Finding the best trampoline with basketball hoop can be a chore, with many options on the market.  

Using our expert insight as springless trampoline innovators, we’ve compiled an unbiased list of the best trampolines that come with a basketball hoop.   

You’ll see trampolines at various price points, key features, costs and just about everything else you would want to know. Let’s jump in, shall we? 

How We Chose the Best Trampolines With Basketball Hoop 

For full transparency, we want to let you in on how we formulated this list. 

We primarily used our internal competitor assessment to narrow down the trampoline brands  

We also leaned on verified user reviews and gave more points to trampolines with higher reviews on reputable platforms. Brands with low awareness were excluded.  

The trampolines below come with a basketball hoop as a part of the trampoline purchase. Brands that sell hoops, but don’t offer them with the trampoline as a bundle, were excluded.   

In full transparency, two of the trampolines on this list are Springfree Trampolines. They are the best options for those looking for a premium trampoline with basketball hoop (you’ll see why later).    

5 Best-Rated Trampolines With Basketball Hoop  

***Important Note: This list is ranked from least expensive to most expensive! It is not ranked on quality.   

You should know that most trampolines are only compatible with their brand of basketball hoops.

For instance, a Springfree Basketball Hoop only works with a Springfree Trampoline. The same will apply to most brands that make trampolines and basketball hoops.   

1. Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk 12 ft Trampoline   

A kid dunking on a Skywalker Trampoline with Basketball Hoop. 


  • Safety features – 4/10 
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 5/10 
  • Size and trampoline weight limit – 5/10 
  • Trampoline design – 5/10 
  • Trampoline warranty – 5/10 
  • User reviews– 4.6/5 (Amazon, 10,586) 
  • Trampoline hoop – 4/10 
  • Trampoline cost – 7/10  

Note: With the “Trampoline cost” category, we’re grading not only the affordability of the upfront price but also the value you’re getting with your money.  

Expert Insight:   

  • Gaps that expose the metal springs, static metal poles and use of cheap material for the net present safety concerns.  
  • Likely won't last past 3 years without replacing parts.  
  • Does include a galvanized steel frame for rust protection and UV resistance on the safety padding that covers the springs.  
  • Average trampoline weight limit of 200 pounds.  
  • Springs take off around 2 ft of jumping space. 
  • Basic trampoline design.  
  • Warranty is 3-year limited for the frame and 1-year limited for all other materials.   
  • The Skywalker Trampoline Basketball Hoop is relatively basic.  
  • Affordable for a 12 ft trampoline ($429.69).   

Summary: Skywalker’s Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline is a good choice for budget trampoline shoppers.

However, you will want to set expectations accordingly. The Trampoline likely won’t last past three years without maintenance and contains multiple safety concerns.  

Photo courtesy of Walmart.   

2. JumpKing 10 x 15 ft Rectangle Trampoline  

A JumpKing Rectangle Trampoline with two basketball hoops. 


  • Safety features – 5/10 
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 3/10 
  • Size and trampoline weight limit – 6/10 
  • Trampoline design – 9/10 
  • Trampoline warranty – 2/10 
  • User reviews– 3.6/5 (Walmart, 21 reviews) 
  • Trampoline hoop – 5/10 
  • Trampoline cost – 3/10  

Expert Insight:   

  • The basketball court design is unique and inviting to basketball lovers. 
  • It’s good to see the springs outside of the net, but it’s clear from the pictures that gaps can be created between the mat and net that expose the springs.  
  • Does include a galvanized steel frame and UV-resistant netting.  
  • Their enclosure poles are bent slightly (a positive) but are still static, which could cause injury to wayward jumpers if the padding breaks down. 
  • The warranty length is a MAJOR concern (1 year on the frame, 6 months on the frame padding, 90 days on all other components). This hints that the product won’t last long without needing replacement parts.  
  • For $619, you’re not getting a ton of long-term value with the short warranty hinting at a short product lifespan.  
  • Their patented G3 pole design might help with the assembly process.   
  • The JumpKing Trampoline Basketball Hoop has a cool design but may not last as long as more high-quality hoops.   

Summary: The JumpKing Trampoline has a distinctive design and it does at least have some basic trampoline safety measures (springs outside of the jumping area, slightly bent poles).  

However, the price is high for a trampoline that may not last past a year without needing significant maintenance.   

Photo courtesy of rnpublicschool.  

3. Propel 14 ft Trampoline With Basketball Hoop  

A child dunking on a Propel Trampoline with Basketball Hoop while two other kids and a dog watch from the outside. 


  • Safety features – 3/10 
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 3/10 
  • Size and trampoline weight limit –  
  • Trampoline design – 6/10 
  • Trampoline warranty – 2/10 
  • User reviews – 4.5/5 (Sam’s Club, 2,063 reviews) 
  • Trampoline hoop – 4/10 
  • Trampoline cost – 5/10 

Expert Insight:  

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty on the frame and 90 days on all other parts. This means you should expect to replace trampoline parts within the first year of owning the Trampoline.  
  • Gaps can be created between the mat and enclosure net, exposing the springs. This can be dangerous for trapping toes and feet. See below:  

A gap between a trampoline net and mat, exposing the trampoline springs.

  • High single-jumper trampoline weight of 330 pounds.  
  • Springs take off around 2 ft of jumping space.  
  • Includes rust and UV-resistant features on key trampoline parts. However, its low warranty hints that they won’t last long before needing to be replaced.  
  • Basic trampoline design, but green safety padding does offer more visual appeal. 
  • Click Connect installation should make it easier to assemble the Trampoline.  
  • There doesn’t seem to be anything special about the basketball hoop.   

Summary: For $684.54, the Propel Trampoline is not a bad option for a short-term trampoline. However, long-term trampoline seekers should look elsewhere.  

Photo courtesy of Wayfair.  

4. Springfree Large Square Trampoline Bundle 

A girl jumping on a Springfree Trampoline with lights around it in the evening time. 

  • Trampoline Safety features – 10/10  
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 10/10  
  • Size and trampoline weight limit – 8/10  
  • Trampoline design – 10/10  
  • Trampoline Warranty – 10/10  
  • User reviews– 4.9/5 (Google, 883 reviews)  
  • Trampoline hoop– 10/10  
  • Trampoline cost – 7/10   

Expert Insight:   

  • Industry-leading trampoline safety features include a springless design, a flexible net, no hard edges on the mat, a frame that is safely under the jumping surface and no metal poles. 
  • Highest-quality and longest-lasting Trampoline that comes with a 10-year warranty on all trampoline parts (1-year on the Hoop).   
  • Comes with 113 sq. ft of jumping space. 
  • 220 lb single jumper trampoline weight limit is average.  
  • Contemporary and stylish design that complements the backyard.  
  • The Hoop is made from the same high-quality materials as the Trampoline.  
  • Expensive initially ($3,096), but worth it as a long-term trampoline.  
  • The Bundle also includes a trampoline ladder and professional installation.  

Summary: The Springfree Large Square Trampoline is the safest, highest-quality and longest-lasting trampoline with basketball hoop on the market. It’s the best option as a trampoline with basketball hoop for kids and adults.   

The Bundle gives you a Hoop, Ladder and professional installation. The upfront price can be too costly for some, though (trampoline financing is offered).  

5. Springfree Jumbo Oval Trampoline Bundle  

A child dressed in warm apparel smiling on a Springfree Trampoline. 


  • Safety features – 10/10  
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 10/10  
  • Size and trampoline weight limit – 6/10  
  • Trampoline design – 10/10  
  • Trampoline warranty– 10/10  
  • User reviews– 5/5 (Google, 6 reviews)  
  • Trampoline hoop– 10/10  
  • Trampoline cost – 6/10  

Expert Insight:  

  • Safest trampoline with features such as a springless design, flexible net, no hard edges, hidden frame and enclosure rods that replace hard metal poles.  
  • Highest-quality Trampoline that lasts at least 10 years, with a warranty that covers all parts.   
  • Huge amount of jumping space (200 sq. ft) but will need to ensure you can fit its large size in your backyard safely.  
  • 220-pound single jumper weight limit is average.  
  • Contemporary oval trampoline design that adds to a backyard’s look and feel.
  • Trampoline Hoop is among the best in the industry. 
  • High initial cost ($5,545), but well worth its value over time.  
  • Bundle comes with two Hoops, a Ladder and professional installation.  

Summary: The Springfree Jumbo Oval Trampoline offers ample jumping space while containing the same industry-leading safety/quality features that all Springfree Trampolines have.

The high initial cost and fitting its large size into your yard will be the complications to consider.   

Which Trampoline With Basketball Hoop Is Right for You?   

A basketball hoop with a trampoline is a combination that has delighted kids for decades. Now that you’ve seen five of your best options, you’re ready to get one for your family.     

Before you go, it might help to see what a trampoline would look like in your backyard before purchasing.

You can do this via our free Augmented Reality Tool (Isn’t technology incredible?). Simply follow these three steps to virtually place a trampoline in your yard:   

Step 1: Visit Springfree Trampoline's website on your phone.  

Step 2: Select a trampoline and tap the AR icon.  

Step 3: Use your phone to view, adjust, and screenshot the trampoline in your yard.   

Choose from different trampoline sizes and shapes to test out which trampoline fits best in your backyard. Good luck on your trampoline journey, and let us know if you need professional assistance!   

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