9 Epic Summer Backyard Activities Your Kids Will Love

School's out! Discover 9 epic summer backyard activities from Springfree Trampoline to keep your kids engaged and active. Endless outdoor fun awaits! 

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9 Epic Summer Backyard Activities Your Kids Will Love

School’s out!   

That means it’s time for some fun summer backyard activities.   

We at Springfree Trampoline have gathered our favourite family-friendly activities to keep your kids engaged and outdoors during the warm weather months.   

Get ready for a summer of endless fun…  

9 Summer Backyard Activities at Home   

Here are 9 summer backyard activities for families to enjoy all summer long!  

1. Backyard Talent Show  

Talent shows don’t have to be limited to just the school year.   

Instead, gather up your friends or the neighbourhood kids and host a summer talent show in your backyard!   

This is a great place for kids to show off their skills and spend quality time with their friends. 

You can even decorate the backyard, get snacks and drinks and make it a party.  

Parents can be the judges. Bonus points if you dress up like a judge from your favourite singing competition show!  

2. Movie Night 

Summer is the ideal time for backyard movie nights.   

It’s not as hard as you think to host a movie night outdoors. (We made a guide on how to host a DIY backyard movie night if you want to learn more).    

If you have a trampoline, they are the perfect spot to host a movie night for the family: 

Three kids watching a movie on a Springfree Trampoline with lights, pillows and blankets.


You can also use it to host a trampoline sleepover!  

3. Water Obstacle Course  

You’ve got to have a way to cool down on those hot summer days that seem unbearable.  

A fun way to accomplish this is by setting up your own water obstacle course.   

To do this, you can set up stations using sprinklers, buckets, slip ‘n slides, water blasters, water balloons, etc.  

Add to the experience by giving the kids tasks to complete at each station.   

For example, you could place coffee filters in a tree and have the kids try to knock them down with a water blaster (this idea came from Meaningful Mama in a great article about setting up a water obstacle course).  

A little girl with a water blaster spraying a coffee filter in a bush.


Photo courtesy of Meaningful Mama. 

    4. Sports Tournament 

    It wouldn’t be summer without backyard sports!  

    Getting kids together in the summer to play sports is a classic summer backyard activity.   

    You can organize a tournament at your house for the kids to enjoy their favourite sports in a friendly competitive environment.  

    If your child is an ambitious athlete, this is also a great way to develop their skills in the summertime.    

    5. Nature Scavenger Hunt  

    For the children who love to learn, this next activity could be a go-to this summer.  

    You can set up a nature scavenger hunt, like the one from Childhood by Nature below (tailor it to your backyard).  

    A nature scavenger hunt.
    Photo courtesy of Childhood by Nature.


    To make this game educational, include facts about everything on the list to make this an enjoyable learning activity.   

    6. Create a Musical Instrument   

    Is your child the musical type?   

    A fun activity to do with your kids is to create a musical instrument using simple materials.   

    Here are examples (courtesy of Good Food) of instruments you can make:   

    • Elastic band guitars 
    • Paper straw panpipes 
    • Lolly stick harmonica 
    • Wooden spoon maracas 
    • Tin can drum   

    Afterwards, you can have a backyard concert! 

    A tin can drum.


    Photo courtesy of Good Food.  

    7. Make a DIY Bird Feeder   

    This next one is another craft-inspired activity that has an outdoor element to it.  

    Bird watching is a ton of fun for the kids – it’s also a great summer trampoline activity.    

    To attract the birds, you can make DIY bird feeders out of many different materials, including pine cones, milk cartons and tea cups.   

    8. Go Climbing  

    Kids love climbing. Not only is it fun, but it comes with many physical benefits such as:  

    • Develops strong muscles. 
    • Improves balance and coordination.  
    • Helps advance gross motor skills. 
    • Enhances sensory and processing skills.  

    Our other brand, gobaplay, sells a Large Geometric Climbing Dome that could be a good fit as a fun backyard activity if you’ve got energetic kiddos!  

    Two kids smiling on a climbing dome.

    Photo courtesy of gobaplay.

    9. Create a Summer Station   

    How about combining multiple fun backyard summer activities for kids into one?  

    You can create a summer station that includes all kinds of cool things to do.   

    This is especially great with multiple kids, where they can take turns at each station.   

    Here is an example of what a summer station looks like:   

    Station #1: Create your own pinwheels 

    Station #2: Water balloon piñata 

    Station #3: Jump on a trampoline 

    Station #4: Make an ice cream float   

    You can even have different themes for the summer station.   

    For example, you could do a pirate-themed station and have fun pirate activities for the kids to play.  

    Looking for a Long-Term Backyard Summer Solution?  

    We hope this list has inspired you with fun summer activities to do in your backyard.   

    If you’re looking to invest in backyard play for the next 10+ summers (and all year around), a Springfree Trampoline could be for you.   

    Springfree has proven to be the safest, highest-quality and longest-lasting Trampoline on the market – backed by a 10-year warranty on all components.  

    If you want outdoor play equipment that will last not just for this summer, but throughout childhood, a Springfree could be well worth the investment.  

    Check out the video below and see if a Springfree is worth it for your family!  

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