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Uniting for a Cause: Springfree Trampoline Partners With Autism Canada

Springfree & Autism Canada are teaming up to increase autism acceptance, including Limited-Edition "Au-Some" Trampolines. Join the cause! 

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Uniting for a Cause: Springfree Trampoline Partners With Autism Canada

Springfree Trampoline is thrilled to be joining forces with Autism Canada in a wide-ranging partnership that includes Limited-Edition “Au-Some” Trampolines.   

Springfree Trampoline (in tandem with Autism Canada) aims to make accessible their safety-first Springless Trampolines as a tool to develop the skills of individuals on the Autism Spectrum.  

Trampoline jumping can be immensely beneficial for developing the physical and mental abilities of neurodivergents.    

Springfree Trampolines have proven to eliminate 90% of product-related injuries, making them a safe and long-term fit for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.    

For Autism Acceptance Month, Springfree Trampoline is launching a Limited-Edition “Au-Some” Gunmetal and White Trampoline.   

There will be 15 of them made, and you can purchase the “Au-Some Trampoline” on Springfree Trampoline’s website

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In addition to the Limited-Edition Trampolines, Springfree will be making a donation to support Autism Canada’s initiative.  

Education is also a key aspect of this Partnership. Springfree Trampoline and Autism Canada are committed to providing solutions through helpful resources to support those on the spectrum, their families and caregivers.  

This includes a List of the 5 Best Trampolines for Children on the Autism Spectrum, released last month.  

For more information on Autism Canada and the Partnership with Springfree, please see the FAQ below:  

1. What is Autism?   

  • Autism could mean that an individual may have some challenges with social communication and interaction or perhaps some restricted or repetitive behaviours or special interests. It is a different way of learning, moving, or paying attention. Autism is a neurodevelopmental difference that uniquely impacts each individual differently. Autism is not what an individual “has” but it is who they are. 

  2. Who is Autism Canada? 

  • Autism Canada is the only Canadian organization with a national perspective on the issues currently facing those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, their families, caregivers, and allies. Autism Canada’s primary mandate is to increase the quality of life and well-being of people on the Autism Spectrum through education, advocacy, and support. 

 3. How can I donate to Autism Canada?  

  • Autism Canada relies on the generous support from individuals, businesses, and organizations across Canada. Your generosity helps to sustain and grow our existing programs and services and allows us to respond to and address emerging needs or challenges facing the autistic community. Your donation inspires change and positively impacts the lives of individuals on the Autism Spectrum, their families, caregivers and allies. Whether large or small, all donations, create impact and support the autistic and autism communities.  You have the option to direct your donation to one of our targeted programs or causes.  

 4. Will some of the proceeds from the Au-Some Trampoline go towards Autism Canada?  

  • Absolutely! While it's not a donation per trampoline sold, Springfree Trampoline is committed to making a single, substantial donation to Autism Canada, regardless of the number of trampolines sold. Your support contributes to a meaningful impact in the autism community. Thank you for being a part of this important cause! 

 5. Why is the trampoline gunmetal grey and white?  

  • Our Au-Some Limited-Edition Trampoline is more than just colours; it's a blend of strength and purity. Gunmetal symbolizes resilience, while white represents unity. Together, they embody our commitment to inclusivity. Join us in bouncing with style and purpose. 

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