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Springfree Co-founder, Steve Holmes, discusses why the backyard is the new daycare with E2: Entrepreneurs Exposed

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Springfree Co-founder, Steve Holmes, discusses why the backyard is the new daycare with E2: Entrepreneurs Exposed

Our very own co-founder, Steve Holmes, talked with Adam Levinter, host of E2: Entrepreneurs Exposed, and discussed how COVID-19 has impacted Springfree's business.

- How it's bolstered demand for trampolines in every major market across the globe

- How the company has responded to this shift to backyard play

- How it's affected supply chains and manufacturing

- Why preserving quality is key and much more

E2, hosted by entrepreneur Adam Levinter, is a business long-form interview style podcast, showcasing some of the most influential creators and founders in entrepreneurship.

Be sure to check out the full episode 77  - E2 podcast with Steve and Adam.


The demand of backyard trampolines suddenly started curving up globally.


“One of the things that’s been so fascinating for us is we’ve seen this on a global scale. We actually kind of saw it like a tidal wave - the closing down of China, that slow impact, then all of a sudden as the other markets started to close down around the world, whether it was Canada or the United States, or into Australia and New Zealand. All of a sudden, we saw the demand curve go up and we were limited to only what we had in inventory, because production was already stopped.”


There’s been a huge increase in sales in backyard toys for kids.


“All backyard-based family activities are absolutely going through the roof. All things associated with backyard and focuses on kids’ activities – daycare is now the backyard.”


What pathways should be explored to reduce anxiety and fear during these times?


“Create a routine. In that routine, set aside time to sit quietly. Whether it’s media or your friends, there’s so much noise going on. Dedicate some personal time to just be quiet. Determine who are the people closest to you, recognize what you value about them and know, no matter what, they will still love you. Last thing, do not get caught up in a spending spree.”

What other questions do you have for Steve and Adam?


To hear Steve and Adam discuss the origin story of Springfree Trampoline, checkout episode 42 of E2.

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