Should You Hire Professional Trampoline Installation?

Considering trampoline installation? Learn if hiring installers is worth it. Weigh pros & cons, alternatives, and key factors for a safe and hassle-free setup!

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Should You Hire Professional Trampoline Installation?

The journey from a boxed trampoline to a fully constructed one can be a chore. 

Ensuring proper trampoline installation is essential to the safety and longevity of your trampoline.  

Some might be able to install a trampoline in an afternoon, while others may not have the time or skillset to properly assemble a trampoline.  

This leads to an important question: Should you hire professional trampoline installation?  

At Springfree Trampoline, we know all there is to know about trampoline installation. Our innovative Trampolines are notoriously difficult for some to assemble, and we’ve helped many customers find their trampoline installation solution.  

Today, we will walk you through the pros and cons of professional trampoline installation and will expertly assess whether you should hire installers or build it yourself! 

Note: This article will cover above-ground trampoline installation. Check out our article on inground trampolines if you’re wondering about hiring professionals to install a trampoline in the ground! 

5 Pros of Professional Trampoline Installation 

First, let’s run through some of the main pros to hiring professional trampoline installers: 

  1. Expertise/Experience 

When you hire professional trampoline installers, you’re getting workers specifically trained in installing trampolines.  

That means they will have both knowledge and experience in whatever trampoline brands they specialize in.  

  1. Safety and Quality Is Assured 

Arguably the most important advantage to hiring professional trampoline installation is your ensuring that the trampoline will be safely assembled for the long run.  

Mistakes can happen, but if you hire trampoline installers, you can assume that the trampoline assembly will be done well – just like you would assume with any professional service! 

A trampoline installer installing mat rods on a Springfree Trampoline. 

  1. Quicker Assembly Time 

Efficiency is another pro to hiring a trampoline installation service. What might take you four hours to complete may take a professional trampoline installer an hour or less to do. 

Quicker assembly time = less time the kids have to wait to jump. 

  1. Stress Alleviation 

Trying to put together a trampoline can be stressful if you have never installed one before.  

Hiring professionals to install your trampoline means you don’t have to lift a finger to get your newly bought trampoline up in your backyard. The stress relief, plus the time you get back in your day, could be worth it for busy adults! 

  1. Gives You Time Back in Your Day 

Installing a trampoline takes time. It could potentially take an entire Saturday away from you. 

Hiring professional trampoline installers gives you time back in your day to take your kids out to lunch, do some chores or have a little “me” time! 

3 Cons of Professional Trampoline Installation 

Now, let’s cover a few cons to hiring professionals to install your trampoline:  

  1. Costs Money 

The fundamental reason why you wouldn’t hire professional trampoline installers is they cost money.  

How much does it cost to have someone put together a trampoline? Professional above-ground trampoline installers can cost hundreds of dollars. For example, our Springfree Trampoline Installation Services cost $399. This pales in comparison to the cost of inground trampoline installation, which can run up to $5,000. 

Many people who pay for a trampoline, especially if it’s an expensive trampoline, will not want to pay additional money for professional installation.  

  1. Research Is Required 

Most trampoline brands will not have their own trampoline installers (Springfree is an exception). This means you will likely need to hire a third-party trampoline installation service. 

While a simple Google search of “trampoline installation near me” should give information about companies nearby, you still must take the time to vet out your options.  

Some retailers and brands will offer trampoline installation through a third-party installation service they partner with. For example, Walmart offers a trampoline assembly service through Angi that you can add to your cart like you would with a product.  

A member of a professional trampoline installation company installing legs on a Springfree Trampoline. 

  1. You May Have to Wait for the Trampoline to be Installed 

Unless you hire installers to assemble the trampoline on the day it’s delivered, you might be waiting for your trampoline to be put up. You could be waiting a week or more depending on the installation company.  

Scheduling an appointment to have your trampoline installed can sometimes be a hassle. If you have kids that are dying to jump on your new trampoline, this could be a potential problem! 

Should You Hire Trampoline Installers? 

You’ve seen both sides of hiring professional trampoline installation, so the question becomes, is it right for you? 

Here is what you should consider when deciding on hiring professionals to install your trampoline: 

  • The brand and type of trampoline you bought. (Low-quality trampolines tend to be easier to install than high-quality trampolines!)  

  • Your handiness and skill in building things. 

  • Your budget. 

  • Your time. 

  • Your location and whether there are reputable installers in the area.  

  • Your timeline for when you want the trampoline installed.  

  • The other alternatives to hiring professional trampoline installation. 

Once you consider these factors, you’re set to make an informed decision! However, there are a couple of alternatives to consider before choosing professional installation: 

2 Alternatives to Professional Trampoline Installation 

For various reasons, you may not want to pay additional money for a trampoline installation service. Here are alternatives you can opt for instead:   

Alternative #1: Install the trampoline yourself. 

Installing a trampoline has never been easier. That is because of the resources available to use  thanks to modern technology. 

For example, you can find 3D, step-by-step assembly instructions for Springfree Trampolines on the BILT App. It is free to use and has helped many with the Springfree Trampoline Installation process. Trampoline brands Monxter and Upper Bounce also offer installation assistance on the BILT App.  

You can also find various installation videos on YouTube (from experienced manufacturers and customers) if you want to assemble a trampoline yourself but don’t want to just use the product manual. 

Example of the BILT App:  

Springfree Trampoline installation on the BILT App. 

Alternative #2: Consult a handy family member/friend. 

Why spend the money on a professional trampoline installation service when you have a friend or family member close by who can help? 

This option will likely save you money and you’re hiring somebody that you already trust to install your trampoline. 

Need Professional Springfree Trampoline Installation?  

For some, hiring professional trampoline installation is worth it. If you’re short on time or want to make sure your trampoline is installed properly and safely, professional trampoline installation is something to consider.  

However, if you or a close family member/friend are handy, you can save money by assembling the trampoline yourself. But be careful: Improper installation could lead to multiple issues, not the least of which is the compromised safety of your jumpers.   

We mentioned in the introduction that our Springfree Trampolines are among the most difficult to install. If you’re interested in a Springfree Trampoline but are worried that you won’t be able to correctly assemble it, professional Springfree Trampoline installation could be for you. 

Check out our Springfree Trampoline Installation Page and find your solution to ensure you will have a properly assembled trampoline for years to come! 

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