Festive Finds: 12 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Unwrap smiles with our 12 handpicked Christmas gift ideas for kids. Make their Holidays memorable with unique surprises, from stocking stuffers to primary gifts!

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Festive Finds: 12 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Christmas is just around the corner (can you believe it?), and it's time to start thinking about gifts for the kids in your life.  

At Springfree Trampoline, bringing joy to families through outdoor play is our passion. If you’re looking to bring joy to your children through creative gift-giving this Holidays, the ideas below will serve you well.  

We’ve got a mix of backyard products (our specialty!) and other unique Christmas gift ideas that are sure to delight your kiddos come Christmas Day.  

12 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for the Little Ones  

We will break this List down into three categories:  

  • Stocking Stuffers 
  • Mid-Sized Christmas Gift Ideas 
  • Primary Christmas Gift Ideas  

Each category will contain four creative Christmas gift ideas – let’s get to it!

Stocking Stuffers  

Which small Christmas gifts will fill those stockings that serve as the appetizers for what’s to come…  

1. Specialized Socks  

You can’t go wrong with getting your kids some cool socks as a stocking stuffer. There are so many themed socks to choose from that there’s something for every kid. 

Whether your child likes sports, music, science or movies, there are options galore in the themed-sock world.  

We like Good Luck Sock as a place to look online for some stocking-stuffer socks! See some of the options below from their catalog:  

Kids themed socks.

2. So Slime Lava Kit  

Kids love slime, and the So Slime Lava Kit will let your kids watch in amazement as it grows in a lava canister:

The So Slime Lava Kit.

It also glows in the dark and allows you to create your own slime by combining the clear slime, glow slime, beads and glitter!

Photo courtesy of Toys "R" Us.

3. Personalized Family Ornaments  

Christmas ornaments stand the test of time, and a personalized Christmas family ornament adds that heartfelt touch that your kids could cherish forever. Personalized by Santa is a good place to start your search:   

Personalized family Christmas ornaments.

Photo courtesy of Personalized by Santa. 

4. Themed Legos  

Legos are a classic kids’ Christmas gift, but themed Legos are a hit right now.   

From Batman to Disney to architecture sets, Legos allow kids to be creative without having to be in front of a screen. Also, building a Lego set could be a fun activity for the whole family! 

An Architecture Lego Set, courtesy of Lego:  

An architecture Lego set.

    Mid-Sized Christmas Gift Ideas  

    Now we get to the gifts that are not quite small enough to be a stocking-stuffer but also might not be big enough to pass as the primary Christmas gift…  

    5. Winter Apparel  

    Cold-weather attire is a must in Canada, and Roots has some stylish hoodies and sweatpants to choose from: 

    Roots winter apparel.

    If you're looking for something smaller, Roots also has fashionable clothing accessories, like beanies and mittens. 

    6. Garmin Watch  

    If you looking to develop healthy habits for your child, the Garmin Watch is a great option:

    A pink Garmin Watch. 

    Photo courtesy of Amazon.  

    The Garmin Watch keeps track of your kids' steps, sleep and daily physical activity. It's also swim-friendly and comes with an emergency contact information widget to provide peace of mind for parents. 

    7. Tree Swing  

    Back to the backyard with our next Christmas gift idea. A tree swing is a fun way for kids to get outside and active, all while saving space in your backyard if you don’t have the room for a swing set.   

    Costco sells our Viva Active Platform Yard Swing ($55) that could be exactly what you’re looking for as an outdoor activity for your kids.  

    A child happily swinging on a green tree swing.

    8. Kids Subscription Box  

    If you’re looking for a Christmas gift that keeps on giving, a monthly subscription box could be perfect for you.  

    Nowadays, there are subscription boxes for almost everything: Food, books, crafting, self-care, etc.  

    Shop Local Canada did a great roundup on the different subscription boxes for kids that you can look at to spur some ideas. Subscription boxes typically cost around $10-$40+ a month.  

    An outdoor subscription box for kids.

    Photo courtesy of Shop Local Canada.  

    Primary Christmas Gift Ideas  

    Here is the main event of Christmas gifts: The gift that will make your kid run around and scream with joy. Get your cameras ready.  

    9. Swing Set  

    Swing sets are synonymous with childhood memories. If you’re looking for a backyard activity to get your kids outside and active, check out our other brand, gobaplay, formerly known as Viva Active.    

    They offer stylish, sturdily-built swing sets (sold at Costco) that just recently won a Parents’ Picks Award for Elementary Kids. 

    A young boy on a round swing attached to a single swing set.

    10. Decked Out Toy Car 

    Okay, you likely remember riding in a small toy car as a kid. But do you remember driving in something like this?  

    A black Bentley toy car for kids.
    Or this? 
    A pink toy car for kids.

    Photos courtesy of Amazon.  

    If your kid is a car-lover, you can have them cruising in a toy Bentley, Mercedes or Lamborghini! Just set expectations accordingly, so they’re not expecting a real one when they turn 16!  

    11. Themed Gaming Console  

    Video games are a staple of childhood for many children, and if your kids love video games, they will surely love a themed console, like the Spider-Man PS5: 

    A Spider-Man PS5 Bundle. 

    Photo courtesy of PlayStation.  

    12. Ultimate Springfree Trampoline Bundle 

    If you’re looking for a main Christmas Gift that gets your kids away from their screens, our Ultimate Trampoline Bundle could be for you.  

    A Springfree Trampoline with a hoop, ball, ladder and lights.

    With the Ultimate Trampoline Bundle, you get the world’s safest, highest-quality and longest-lasting trampoline with: 

    • A trampoline basketball hoop 
    • A trampoline ladder. 
    • Professional trampoline installation. 

    By bundling all of this together, you get a trampoline that will last 10+ years with trampoline accessories for added fun/safety and assurance that your trampoline will be correctly installed! 

    Bonus Christmas Gift Idea: Custom Trampoline  

    Our encore Christmas gift idea involves creating your dream trampoline. Choosing from seven different colours, you can customize the legs, frame, mat rods and enclosure rods to be whatever colour combination you desire. You can also add a nametag for an added touch. 

    A mother and daughter smiling next to a pink Springfree Trampoline. 

    Happy Holidays From Springfree!  

    We hope these Christmas gift ideas gave you some inspiration to make this Christmas the most memorable one yet for your kids.   

    The best part about the Holidays is giving back and we at Springfree Trampoline want to do our part in creating safe, joyful moments outdoors for your family.   

    As a thank you to our supporters (and a welcome to our future ones) we are offering major deals on our Trampolines for the Holiday Season. If you’re looking to invest in a safe, long-term trampoline, there’s never been a better time to buy one.  

    Shop our Trampolines now and give your kids the gift of safe jumping throughout their childhood!  

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