Top 12 Fun Family Holiday Activities

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Top 12 Fun Family Holiday Activities

Oh no! The kids go on winter break soon, but you haven’t planned how to keep them busy while you handle the shopping, baking and decorating. Don’t panic! Springfree has come up with a list offer  favourite festive activities to keep the kids happy and buy you time for elven chores!

Go pick out a Christmas tree together!

The holidays just aren’t the holidays without a place to put the presents, and the fun starts with picking out the tree. Lots of tree farms offer extra activities like sleigh rides, snowman building, cider-drinking and snowy hikes—and even without the extra frills, the hunt for the perfect tree is a fun activity on its own!

Go for a walk through the neighbourhood for decoration inspiration.

Don’t have a plan for decorating your house or tree? Don’t sweat it. Pick a night to bundle up and go for a family walk, taking note of everyone’s favorite decorations. Together, you can come up with a plan of how to decorate your home and Christmas tree—and even your Springfree Trampoline!

Bundle and bounce.

Did you know that trampolines can be used in the winter? In fact, the Springfree Trampoline was designed to survive harsh winter conditions. Jumping on the trampoline for 10 minutes in the morning is a great way to warm up and get your blood pumping—plus it’s the equivalent of 30 minutes of physical activity—so get your snowsuit on and get out there!

DIY Christmas tree decorations.

The ornaments that mean the most are the ones you make yourselves, because they’re more than just decorations—they’re memories of precious moments spent together. Bust out the glue, paint, glitter and colored paper, and get cracking! (Don’t forget, DIY decorating can also be a distraction for the little ones while you sneak away for some gift wrapping!)

Deck the trampoline with boughs of holly.

Or if not holly, there are lots of ways to decorate your Springfree trampoline, from strings of outdoor Christmas lights, to leftover DIY decorations from your tree, like Styrofoam snowmen and felt stockings. Plan a day of decorating with your kids based on the ideas you came up with on your inspiration walk.

Make orange cloves.

Buy some fresh oranges, whole cloves and a spool of ribbon. Show your kids how to tie a ribbon around an orange, and then use the pointy end of the clove to pierce the skin of the fruit, eventually dotting the entire surface with cloves. Leave your orange cloves out to dry, and soon your home will begin to smell a lot like Christmas!

Pick out the ultimate family investment: a trampoline!

With a 10-year-warranty and a revolutionary springless safety design, the Springfree Trampoline makes for an investment that is worth a lifetime of memories, that won’t break down, run out of batteries or get lost on a trip to the grandparents’. Plus, you can shop online and have it delivered right to your door. Watch our website for shipping information and timing. 

Go to a Christmas market.

Behind on Christmas shopping? Take your family to a Christmas market. It’s a great place to spend time together, enjoy festive treats, and pick out unique, thoughtful, and local gifts for each other.

Make a hot cocoa station for your next bounce.

Everyone is eager to take their turn bouncing on a trampoline, but when the waiting area has a hot cocoa station with toppings like cinnamon, whipped cream, cocoa powder, sprinkles and marshmallows, your kids will have a way to stay warm and happy while they wait.

Go caroling!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a good singing voice—all that matters when it comes to caroling is your enthusiasm! Don your most festive apparel and visit your neighbors to deliver and earful of holiday cheer. For a bonus, finish your performances by collecting donations for a cause that you’re grateful for during the holidays, whether it’s a charity that gives toys to underprivileged families or a local food bank that makes sure everyone can enjoy a Christmas dinner.

Game night!

If the weather outside is frightful, open up the game cupboard and pick out something to play for a family game night. There’s nothing like gathering around the kitchen table with the snow falling and wind howling outside while you settle in for a fun and comfy night of family fun.

Warm up bounce competition.

See who can keep the warmest on cold days by setting a boisterous bounce record. Give each family member one minute on the trampoline to see who can get in the most bounces, or the most seat drops. The winner gets first turn the next time you go out for a bounce!

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