Smart Is: Quality That Is Built To Last

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Smart Is: Quality That Is Built To Last

A Springfree trampoline is an investment in your family and your backyard. And when you decide to make that investment, you want something you know will last for years.

Built to Last

At Springfree, we believe safety and quality go hand in hand. Every one of our trampolines is built in our own facility where we rigorously test every component and manufacture our trampolines with only the highest quality materials. Which means you get the same enjoyment and jumping year after year.

Harshest Conditions

From Canada’s freezing winters to Texas’ hot summers we’ve got you covered. Our trampolines are constructed out of the highest quality materials and are designed to stand the test of time. The SoftEdge™ mat and safety enclosure are UV-resistant to prevent deterioration from the sun and our frame is double powder coated steel for durability and to prevent rusting. The composite fiberglass rods are rust proof, unlike metal coil springs. All the engineering and design that has been put into the development of Springfree means that you can leave it outside and enjoy jumping on it all year long.

Jump in the Snow!

Even though winter brings the cold and snow, there are lots of ways for your family to enjoy your Springfree! There is an entire new world of imaginative play with snow that you and your kids can experience. Some of our favourite ideas include building a snow castle on the mat, playing dodge the snowball while jumping and make snow angels on the mat. We’re sure that if you let your kids go, they will come up with even more!

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