Create a Hopping Good Backyard Easter Party

Easter is a great opportunity to get family and friends together for a party. We’ve found some sure-fire ways to create a fun and hopping good party for guests!

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Create a Hopping Good Backyard Easter Party

Easter is a great opportunity to get family and friends together for a party. We’ve found some sure-fire ways to create a fun and hopping good party for guests, young and old! We’ve found some sure-fire ways to create a fun and hopping good party for guests, young and old! Everyone will be hopping around like bunnies on your Springfree! 


Set the tone and theme with key Easter decorations. Here are some fun and simple ideas, that the kids might even be able to help you out with!

1. Display Balloon Bunnies

Is a party really a party if there are no balloons? Take your decorations one step further by converting white balloons into adorable Easter bunnies. Hang them so people know where your house is, inside and even on your Springfree to decorate the backyard. 

Easter Balloons

Get the tutorial at A Kailo Chic Life.

2. Display Festive Mason Jars

Decorate your space with these sweet (excuse the pun), Easter egg-filled jars, and as a bonus send them home with your guests at the end of the party. 

Easter Mason Jars

Find out how at Happiness is Homemade.

3. Make Napkin Bunnies

Impress your guests with these creative Easter napkins. Shaped like a little bunny and if you choose bright Easter colours they'll make a statement.

Easter Napkins

See YouTube tutorial here

4. Bunny Tail Bunting

Give new meaning to the term "bushy bunny tail" with these cleverly placed pom-poms for your Easter bunting!

Easter Bunting

Get the tutorial at Clean and Scentsible.

5. Easter Egg Straws 

These egg straws will be fun for the kids (and adults) to enjoy. Easy to make and you can let the kids decorate their own as a fun Easter activity.

Easter Egg Straws

Check out Omiyage Blog’s tutorial here.


1. Easter Popcorn

Popcorn is a great snack at the best of times so why not reward the little ones with an Easter version of this perfect sweet and salty treat. 

Easter Popcorn

Get the recipe from Two Sisters 

2. Easter Bunny Bread Bowl Dip

Everyone loves a breadbowl, but up the cuteness with this Easter Bunny Bread Dip Bowl. It's actually easier than it might seem!

Easter Bunny Bread Bowl Dip

Check out The Idea Room for the recipe

3. Pretzel Bunnies and Ducks

Put a smile on your guest's face with these adorable treats - they'll be impressed with your pretzel skills and you'll be chuffed knowing how easy they are to put together!. 

Pretzel Bunnies + Ducks

Get the tutorial at One Little Project at a Time 

4. Lemon Blueberry Hot Cross Bread Butter Pudding 

Lemon - tick, Blueberry - tick, Hot Cross Buns - tick, Pudding - tick, Easter - tick. This pudding really does combine all crowd favourites in the most delightful and simple way possible.  

Lemon Blueberry Hot Cross Bread Butter Pudding

Find the recipe here

5. Easy Garden Dirt Pudding Cups

Have a bit of fun with the kids and serve up a garden pudding cup with carrots planted in it. Kids will love to "plant" their garden and then eat it too! 

Dirt Cups

See the how to here.


1. Personalise Easter Baskets

If you're having an Easter egg hunt, provide the kids with their own personalised basket with these clever tags with dry-erase paint and simple wooden animal shapes

Easter Baskets

Get the tutorial here.

2. Let Kids Wear Bunny Hats

Kids will love sitting down to Easter brunch sporting these cute animal hats.

Bunny Hats

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built.

3. Potato Easter Egg Stamps

Use a carving knife to create egg-shaped stamp designs on potato halves, then let your creative kiddos take the reigns.

Easter Stamps

See more details here.

4. Easter Egg Bunny Hugs

Have your little ones craft these adorable bunny-shaped holders to either display their Easter creations or to place out for guests on the table.

Bunny Hugs

Get the tutorial here.

5. Egg Carton Hatching Chicks

Give the kids a fun activity to paint egg cartons to make it look like the chicks are hatching from Easter eggs. They can get creative with the 'egg' exteriors for colourful decorations.

Hatching Eggs

Get the tutorial at Crafty Morning.


1. Tie Egg Poppers to Trees

the kids will have a blast pulling at these Easter egg poppers for the treats that are inside. Just be sure to hang them on sturdy branches so the kids don't pull the branches down with the poppers!

Easter Poppers

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

2. Bunny Rabbit Ears Ring Toss

This inflatable ring toss will keep the kids (and the adults) entertained.

Ting Toss

You can purchase the game here.

3. Bunny Sack Race

This hoppity-hop-hop event is sure to bring the giggles. Put an Easter spin on this kids’ party classic with either homemade or pre-made bunny hop potato sacks.

Easter Bunny Sacks

4. Bunny And Egg Easter Game Ideas

Mother nature doesn't always cooperate with our Easter egg hunt! Now we have a great alternative. Create this poke-a-bunny or poke-an-egg games with cups, prizes and this free printable

Poke an Egg

5. Play Dress Ups + Play on Springfree

Head out and find a few dress up outfits for adults and kids to have a jumping party in dress ups on the trampoline. Afterall, everything is always more fun in dress-up and when you're bouncing, 
You can play games like Follow the Leader, Poison (place balls on the trampoline that the kids need to avoid), Bouncing Bunnies - this involves having one child on the trampoline with a little 'basket' and someone on the outside of the trampoline throws water balloons into the person on the trampoline that they need to safely catch and put in their basket.

Springfree Dress Ups

This is just the tip of the iceberg of ideas! Part of the fun of a party is the planning and research, so get the kids involved and see what other ideas you can come up with!

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