Springfree Trampoline – Proudly Canadian Owned

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Springfree Trampoline – Proudly Canadian Owned

Maple syrup, Timbits and… Springfree Trampoline?

Yes! You heard that right. We’re proudly Canadian owned.

Did you know?

• You can jump in the snow!

• You can leave your Springfree Trampoline outside all winter

• Springfree is Canadian owned and the world's safest trampoline

Over 15 years ago, Dr. Keith Alexander worked on creating a safe trampoline for his family. In 2002, an initial prototype made its way to Steve Holmes, an entrepreneur based in Canada. Steve saw something special in the prototype and the journey to becoming Springfree Trampoline's Chief Activity Officer began.

Steve explains, "Following our discussion in April 2002, a one-off, hand-built trampoline without an enclosure was sent to me. My kids jumped on it and loved it. That is kind of how the journey started. Shortly thereafter we started making, investing and ultimately buying the intellectual property/patent from Canterprise and Dr. Keith Alexander."

After years of design and prototype revisions, this dedicated inventor and entrepreneur finally landed on the design that has made Springfree Trampoline the World’s Safest Trampoline.

Today, Springfree Trampoline Inc head office is located in Markham, ON and we have three stores in Canada located in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. More than 20 years after our journey began, Springfree Trampolines can be found in over 25 countries and employ over 300 people across the world.

Being Canadian owned means a great deal to us as a company. Customers can also find Springfree Trampoline in over 500 Canadian Tire stores across the country.


“I hope that customers describe Springfree as a company which has integrity, honesty, great character and deals with its customers in a way which values their experience with the brand and the product, and delivers on the promises they make.” - Steve Holmes

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