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We Reveal the Best Square Trampolines to Buy This Year | Expert Picks

Get advice on the best square trampolines to buy this year. Our experts at Springfree Trampoline have graded and analyzed all major brands. See the list now!

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We Reveal the Best Square Trampolines to Buy This Year | Expert Picks

Are you looking for the best square trampoline to buy this year? 

If so, you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll reveal the top four square trampolines to buy this year. 

Using our expert analysis at Springfree Trampoline, we have assessed all the major square trampolines on the market and have chosen the best ones under our grading criteria 

4 Best Square Trampolines for This Year

Here are the criteria we used to grade these trampolines: 

  • Trampoline Safety features 
  • Quality and durability 
  • Size and trampoline weight limit 
  • Trampoline design 
  • Trampoline warranty  
  • User reviews  
  • Trampoline accessories  
  • Trampoline cost 

We will grade each trampoline on the metrics above and offer our expertise for why they received the grade they did.  

*(We will be grading 1-10, with 10 being the best score. These square trampolines are ranked from least to most expensive.)  

1. Skywalker 13 ft Square Trampoline

 Kid jumping on a Skywalker Square Trampoline.


  • Safety features – 5/10 
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 5/10 
  • Size and trampoline weight limit – 7/10 
  • Trampoline design – 5/10 
  • Trampoline warranty – 4/10 
  • User reviews– 4.5/5 (Google, 370 reviews) 
  • Trampoline accessories– 7/10 
  • Trampoline cost – 10/10 

Expert Insight:  

  • Skywalker trampoline has a patented no-gap design for safety, but metal poles and cheap materials are concerns. 
  • Average quality and durability, likely won't last past 3 years without replacing parts. 
  • High trampoline weight limit of 250 lbs, but springs take off 2 ft of jumping space. 
  • Basic trampoline design. 
  • Warranty is 3-year limited for the frame and 1-year limited for all other materials.  
  • Good reviews from a solid sample size. 
  • Plenty of trampoline accessories, not the best quality. 
  • Affordable for a square trampoline ($479). 

Photo courtesy of Lowe’s. 

2. Springfree 11 ft Large Square Trampoline

Kid jumping on a Springfree Large Square Trampoline.


  • Trampoline Safety features – 10/10 
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 10/10 
  • Size and trampoline weight limit – 8/10 
  • Trampoline design – 10/10 
  • Trampoline Warranty – 10/10 
  • User reviews– 4.9/5 (Google, 635 reviews) 
  • Trampoline accessories– 8/10 
  • Trampoline cost – 5/10 

Expert Insight:   

  • Springless trampoline, flexible net, no hard edges, hidden frame, safest trampoline for kids. 
  • Highest-quality Trampoline that lasts at least 10 years. 
  • Jumping space is maximized due to the springless design; 220 lb weight limit is average. 
  • Contemporary design that complements the backyard and can be customized. 
  • 10-year warranty on all parts, excellent reviews. 
  • Quality accessories, a bit pricey. 
  • Expensive initially ($2,299), but worth it in the long run. 

 3. Machrus Upper Bounce 16’ x 16’ Square Trampoline 

Upper Bounce Square Trampoline.


  • Safety features – 6/10 
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 4/10 
  • Size and trampoline weight limit – 10/10 
  • Trampoline design – 5/10 
  • Trampoline Warranty– 1/10 
  • User reviews– 3.8/5 (Walmart, 4 reviews) 
  • Trampoline accessories - 2/10 
  • Trampoline cost – 2/10 

Expert Insight:  

  • Top ring enclosure system and no gap enclosure system, but metal static poles are a concern. 
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant, but low warranty is concerning for durability. 
  • 500-pound weight limit and 16' x 16' size are the best attributes. 
  • Basic design. 
  • 1-year warranty for frame, springs, and mat. 
  • Not very many reviews. 
  • Few trampoline accessories included. 
  • High initial trampoline cost ($1,999) may not be worth the value.  

Photo courtesy of a verified review on Walmart’s website.  

4. Springfree 13 ft Jumbo Square Trampoline 

 Springfree Jumbo Square Trampoline.


  • Safety features – 10/10 
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 10/10 
  • Size and trampoline weight limit – 7/10 
  • Trampoline design – 10/10 
  • Trampoline warranty– 10/10 
  • User reviews– 4.9/5 (Google, 1,421 reviews) 
  • Trampoline accessories– 8/10 
  • Trampoline cost – 5/10 

Expert Insight:  

  • Trampoline safety features: Springless design, flexible net, no hard edges, hidden frame, safest trampoline for kids. 
  • Highest-quality Trampoline that lasts at least 10 years.  
  • Jumping space is maximized due to the springless design; 220 lb weight limit is average. 
  • Contemporary trampoline design that adds to a backyard’s aesthetic and can be customized.  
  • 10-year warranty on all trampoline parts, excellent reviews. 
  • Multiple quality accessories, a bit pricey. 
  • Expensive initially ($2,799), but well worth its value over time. 

FAQ: Square Trampolines  

Square trampolines are unique, and you may have some questions about how they differ from other trampoline shapes. Let’s look at five common questions about square trampolines:  

1. Are Square Trampolines Better? 

Square trampolines are better than other trampoline shapes in maximizing jumping space, which is advantageous to athletes and adults.   

However, a square trampoline may take up more backyard space than round or oval trampolines. 

2. What Are the Benefits of a Square Trampoline?  

The benefits of a square trampoline include the maximization of jumping space (good for gymnastics and adults) and the ability to bounce corner-to-corner.  

Square trampolines provide a more consistent bounce, similar to a rectangle trampoline. This is ideal for those who want to do flips and tricks on the trampoline. 

3. Why Are Square Trampolines More Expensive? 

Square trampolines are more expensive than other shapes because they are uniquely built to provide ample room to bounce. Heavy-duty square trampolines tend to be larger, which increases the cost of the trampoline. 

They also come with a complex design that requires more robust engineering, which can add to the cost.   

4. What Is the Difference Between a Round and Square Trampoline? 

There are many differences between a round and square trampoline. Square trampolines tend to be bigger, provide a more even bounce throughout the jumping surface, and are usually pricier. 

Round trampolines are better for recreational jumping and young children since they naturally draw jumpers to the center of the mat. 

5. Do Square Trampolines Bounce Higher? 

Possibly. The springs on square trampolines are spaced more evenly, which could provide a higher bounce. However, this also depends on the trampoline brand you have  

A mother zipping up a Springfree Trampoline while her daughter jumps.

Which Square Trampoline Is Right for You? 

The best square trampoline for you will ultimately depend on what you hope to accomplish with a backyard trampoline. 

Here’s a quick summary of the four square trampolines that made our List: 

Skywalker Square Trampoline 

  • Pro: Affordable 
  • Con: May not last as long 
  • Buy if: You are on a budget and want a basic square trampoline.  
Springfree Square Trampolines (Large Square and Jumbo Square) 
  • Pro: Safest trampoline on the market 
  • Con: Expensive 
  • Buy if: You want the safest trampoline possible and are willing to pay for it. 
Upper Bounce Square Trampoline 
  • Pro: Large size and high weight limit 
  • Con: May not last as long as other trampolines 
  • Buy if: You need a trampoline with a lot of jumping space and can handle a lot of weight. 

Our advice is to align your goals with the trampoline that best meets them. Each square trampoline mentioned in this article has its share of pros and cons. The best trampoline for you will depend on what you value the most!  

Want to See How a Square Trampoline Looks In Your Yard? 

The best square trampoline can be difficult to find, but we hope our expertise at Springfree Trampoline proved valuable for you today.  

Our goal with content is to give you direct advice and actionable resources so you buy the best trampoline for you the first time around.  

We have a free Augmented Reality Tool that will help you see what a square trampoline looks like in your backyard before you buy. The best part? It’s free and can be completed right from your phone! 

Follow these five steps and ensure that a square trampoline will safely fit in your yard:   

1. Open the Springfree Trampoline website on your phone. 

2. Choose a trampoline and click the AR icon. 

3. Move your phone around to see how the trampoline would look in your yard. 

4. Zoom in or out, relocate, or rotate the trampoline as needed. 

5. Take a screenshot to save the view! 

When choosing a trampoline, make sure to choose the Springfree Large Square Trampoline or the Springfree Jumbo Square Trampoline! 

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