Are Your Kids Digital Dependent?

Our kids are exposed to screens, from TVs and iPads, to games and apps on our smartphones. Are our families are digital dependent, or simply digitally enhanced?

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Are Your Kids Digital Dependent?

The reality is, in today’s society, the use of digital devices is unavoidable. Our kids are exposed to screens at a very young age. Spending time in front of the TV, and iPad, and playing games and apps on smartphones. Some schools even require tablets or laptops for curriculum and homework. For many of us, within our professional and home life, we seem to always be switched on, carrying our smartphones everywhere, and our kids are learning the same behaviour.

The important question to ask ourselves, is whether our families are digital dependent, or simply digitally enhanced. Or, how do we ensure our kids are being enriched with technology rather than entrapped by it?

There are many benefits our kids can experience by living in a digitally enabled world. With the number of educational apps available, technology can make learning fun and engaging activity. During long flights or road-trips, hand-held devices can be a god-send in distraction and entertainment. And of course, those who grow up with technology are better adapted to work with it in their adult lives (our kids are already better than many of us at it).

The downside to technology is that some studies have shown that kids are spending up to 60 hours per week consuming media and less than 60 minutes playing outside. This is something that many parents are challenged with and are increasingly trying to find ways to balance the use of technology and outdoor activity or play.  

Do You Live With a Digital Addict?

Do you relate to any of the following? If you’re screaming ‘YES’ you’re not alone.

  • Devices are a total distraction in getting ready for school or bed.
  • Face-to-face conversations become face-to-screen conversations.
  • You’re often seeing zombies staring at TV’s.
  • Conflict builds over power-off time for kids and parents.
  • You’ve resorted to hiding the device, or removing the batteries.
  • You’ve had to change the WiFi password.
  • Your kids are finding ways to sneak screen time in.
  • Your kids groan and complain when they have to do anything else.
  • You’re having trouble getting your kids outdoors and active.

Whether we like it or not, the increased use of technology is making it almost impossible to escape some elements of the digital world in our family lives. The trick is managing your family’s digital consuming behaviour and shifting these behaviours from digitally dependent to digitally enriched.


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