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12 ft vs. 14 ft Trampoline | Which Size Is Right for You? 

Unsure about which trampoline size to buy? Let our expert insight help you choose between a 12ft or 14ft trampoline and see the top trampolines this year!

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12 ft vs. 14 ft Trampoline | Which Size Is Right for You? 

Selecting the ideal trampoline size can be a demanding dilemma.  

If you’ve wound up here, you’re likely deciding between a 12 ft or 14 ft trampoline. Buying the right-sized trampoline cannot be understated: You must ensure that it fits safely into your backyard, can hold your jumpers’ size and has enough jumping room. 

Based on our expert insight as a springless trampoline innovator and manufacturer, we’ve got all the answers for you on the critical question: 12 ft trampoline or 14 ft trampoline? 

You will learn what factors to consider when choosing between a 12 ft or 14 ft trampoline, how to choose the right trampoline size and the best 12 ft and 14 ft trampolines you can buy. Let’s dive in! 

What to Consider When Choosing Between a 12 ft or 14 ft Trampoline 

Here are the five fundamental factors to consider when deciding between a 12 ft vs. 14 ft trampoline:   

  1. Size of Your Backyard 

Whether the size of trampoline can fit properly into your backyard is one of the essential questions you need to ask before deciding. This is especially true with 12 ft and 14 ft trampolines, which can be considered big trampolines.  

When we say “fit properly” we really mean: Can you place the trampoline in a spot with 3-5 ft of clearance space and out of range of impeding structures (fences, sheds, overhead tree limbs etc.)?  

Tip: Measure your backyard beforehand: Use a tape measure and measure the length and width of the trampoline in the area you want to place it. Make sure the area is flat and even! 

See the image below for what 5 ft of clearance space looks like: 

A trampoline with arrows and dimensions depicting how much clearance space it needs. 

  1. Size of Your Jumpers 

The next question you need to ask when choosing a trampoline size: “Can this trampoline fit my jumpers?” 

This pertains not only to your jumpers’ current size but also the future growth expected. If you buy an 8 ft trampoline when your child is eight years old, it’s probably not going to fit them by the time they are 11-12 years old.  

Evaluate these factors when deciding whether a trampoline will fit your jumpers: 

  • The trampoline weight limit (A 12-foot trampoline weight limit will likely be less than a 14-foot trampoline weight limit). 

  • The amount of jumping space. 

  • The future growth expected from your child. 

As far as 12 ft and 14 ft trampolines go:  

Question: Is a 12 ft trampoline too big? No, in fact, a 12 ft trampoline may not be big enough if you’re buying for older kids or want a trampoline to last throughout their childhood. However, if you don’t want to give up over 20 ft of backyard space, a 12 ft trampoline could be too big of a size for you. 

Question: Is a 14 ft trampoline too big? No, a 14 ft trampoline would be adequate for families with older kids or families that want a trampoline to last throughout their child’s growth period. However, it might be too big if you don’t want to give up over 20 ft of backyard space. 

  1. Amount of Jumping Space Needed 

The amount of jumping space is crucial to buying the right-sized trampoline. You want your children to have room to safely jump, especially if you’re expecting them to hit a growth spurt.  

We’re going to let you in on a little secret about jumping space and trampoline sizes: On trampolines with springs used for the bounce, the amount of jumping space is around 2 ft less than its frame-to-frame size. 

Take a 12 ft trampoline for example: Since the springs and spring padding take up around 2 ft of jumping space, you’re actually getting 10 ft of jumping space despite its 12 ft size. See the photo below, courtesy of Wayfair, and notice how the springs take up around 2 ft of jumping space: 

A child jumping on a Skywalker 12 ft Round Trampoline.

Springless trampolines don’t have this problem, as they use alternatives to springs. For instance, our Springfree Trampolines use composite rods underneath the mat to provide the bounce, which maximizes the amount of jumping space. 

  1. Usability/Intended Use 

Another factor to consider in your choice of the 12 ft vs. 14 ft trampoline debate is what you’re wanting to use the trampoline for. 

If you have aspiring gymnasts or kids that want to use the trampoline for athletics, buying a 14 ft trampoline would be recommended since it has more room to jump.  

You could even buy a bigger trampoline, such as a 15 ft trampoline or a 16 ft trampoline for jumping room maximization.  

  1. Cost of Trampoline 

Finally, you must assess the trampoline’s cost and whether it’s worth it for you. A 14 ft trampoline, because of its larger size, will always be more expensive than a 12 ft trampoline of equal quality.  

How to Choose the Right Trampoline 

You know all the main factors to consider when deciding between a 12 ft trampoline or 14 ft trampoline. Now, how do you put it all together? 

Go through each of the five factors above and ask yourself: 

  • Will a 12 or 14 ft trampoline fit better in my yard? 

  • Will a 12 or 14 ft trampoline accommodate the current size of my jumpers and their future growth? 

  • Will a 12 or 14 ft trampoline provide enough jumping space for my jumper? 

  • Will a 12 or 14 ft trampoline have enough room to achieve my child’s athletic ambitions? 

  • Will it be worth it to pay more for a 14 ft trampoline than a 12 ft trampoline? 

The type of trampoline you buy (spring or springless) and the trampoline brand you buy also factor in heavily when it comes to choosing a trampoline.  

You also need to note the shape of the trampoline you want – round, square, rectangle or oval? Each shape has its pros and cons that should be assessed before deciding on the 12 ft vs. 14 ft trampoline question. 

Best 12 ft Trampolines  

Here is an honest and objective list of the five best 12 ft trampolines you can buy this year (read our “Best 12 ft Trampolines” List to see all the features of the Trampolines!). They are in order from least expensive to most expensive:  

A Springfree Large Square Trampoline:  

A kid jumping on a Springfree Large Square Trampoline. 

Best 14 ft Trampolines 

We also have made an objective list of the best 14 ft trampolines you can purchase. Here they are, again ordered from least to most expensive: 

Which Size Trampoline Is Right for You? 

So, in the 12 ft vs. 14 ft trampoline debate, which size of trampoline is best for you? 

Considering all the factors discussed in this article, you should be well-equipped to make an informed decision on whether a 12 ft or 14 ft trampoline will serve your yard for years to come! 

However, if you’re still struggling to decide on what sized trampoline you need, we have an easy and free tool you can use to virtually place a trampoline in your yard to see if it fits! 

Our AR Tool allows you to see what a trampoline will look like in your yard by following these three steps: 

Step 1: Open the Springfree Trampoline website on your phone, click on a trampoline and click on the AR icon on the trampoline’s page. This will open your phone’s camera, where the trampoline will be visible. 

Step 2: Move to the location you’re wanting to place the trampoline and zoom in and out, relocate or rotate using your fingers as desired. 

Step 3: Once you have the trampoline in place, snap a photo and save it to help with your decision-making process! 

Note: For a 12 ft Trampoline, use the Springfree Large Square Trampoline. For the 14 ft Trampoline, use the Springfree Jumbo Square Trampoline.  

Reach out to us if you have any questions and go find the trampoline that will provide your family with joyful moments that will last a lifetime! 

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