7 Tips for Balancing Screen Time & Backyard Time with the Kids

Are you having this same struggle of getting your kids outside more and off their smart devices? Here are 7 suggestions to limit screen time for kids.

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Here at Springfree, we understand how important it is to get the family outside and active. Many parents struggle with how to balance technology use with their kids, particularly now that it is well established in their education. 

Utilizing technologies’ positives on a daily basis can improve lives, create efficiencies and make entertaining, educating and connecting easier. There are, of course, negative aspects of technology as well. In some cases, technology has the potential to negatively affect physical and emotional health.

Are you having this same struggle of getting your kids outside more and off of their smart devices? 

Here are Seven Springfree Trampoline tips to limit screen time for kids! 

1.     Create a list of activities to be completed before screen time. Try them out on your backyard trampoline! 

·       Read: Find a favorite new book – 30 minutes

·       Go outside and play: Burn off some energy – 30 minutes

·       Study: Finish that homework – 30 minutes

·       Be creative: Draw, color, paint, play music, dance, let them choose - 30 minutes

Encouraging your children to complete these activities before screen time not only helps develop key learning, creative and active skills, you’ll also find that the desire for screen time may reduce.


2. Create a chore or task board. You can give each child a routine of chores or tasks to complete (say 1-3 per day). When they have done the item in their routine, check off the list and they can earn screen time and other rewards. Make some of the tasks outside activities. Pick up toys in the yard, garden and clean the Springfree. 

3. Turn screen time into family time! Having a family movie night on your Springfree can be a great way to spend time together. It can also be fun to have a video game play-off with your kids. Especially if your kids already play video games, playing together in cooperative mode, or versing one another, can be a fun way to bond and turn gaming into a social, family activity. 

movie night

4. Sit down with your kids at the start of each week. Allocate a certain number of hours a week they are allowed screen time and schedule those determined hours together. If they choose to use up their hours in the first day, that’s it. No passes! 

5. Create a bingo game with squares like: play with blocks/Legos, do a good deed, play outside, draw a picture, etc. Each bingo equals 30 min screen time. Try playing inside, but also get some fresh air and bingo outside on your trampoline! Whoever wins gets to jump first! 

6. Have the kids turn in all electronics in the evening. They must complete a list of chores and/or reading before they get them back in the morning. Maybe even add in a morning jump for some trampoline exercise. Get the little bodies moving! 

7. Cut off all video games and iPads during summer days. They can still watch tv in the evening as a family. Take turns picking the show! 


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