Which Custom Springfree Trampoline Is Right For You

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Thinking about buying a custom Springfree Trampoline for your family? Do your questions look similar to these?  

  1. What size and shape will best suit our yard and our family?
  2. Which colors to choose?
  3. What goes on the custom name tag?
  4. How do I purchase a custom Springfree Trampoline?

Here are some Springfree tips and options to help you choose the perfect, custom trampoline to fit your family’s personality!

Springfree Trampoline custom pink

Choosing the Model

The great thing about Springfree Trampolines is that the 'bounciness' is the same across all models. Choosing the size and shape of your model basically comes down to personal preference and the size of your backyard.

Springfree offers three trampoline models you can customize.

  • Jumbo Square
  • Large Square
  • Large Oval
  • Medium Oval

Our Jumbo Square, Large Square, Large Oval and Medium Oval are some of the best selling of the Springfree range, with plenty of glorious bouncing space! These trampolines are designed for families of all ages. From high energy kids to adults, these trampolines fit in perfectly with your family and backyard.  

Jumbo Square

Expect the highest safety standards combined with massive fun. The unique square-with-rounded-corners shape maximizes jumping space. A real crowd pleaser, the 13ft x 13ft Jumbo Square is perfect for the entire neighborhood.

Size: 13 ft x 13 ft 

Bouncing Area: 155 ft² 

jumbo square Springfree Trampoline

Large Square

The 11ft x 11ft Large Square trampoline is a popular choice for many families. The unique square-with-rounded-corners shape maximizes jumping space.

Size: 11 ft x 11 ft 

Bouncing Area: 113 ft² 

large square trampoline

Large Oval

The 8ft x 13ft Large Oval trampoline is the largest oval size within the Springfree Trampoline line up. Provides kids with enough space for perfecting their trampoline jumps.

Size: 8 ft x 13 ft 

Bouncing Area: 92 ft² 

Large oval Springfree Trampoline

Medium Oval

The Medium Oval has been designed for backyards that are long and narrow! The oval models are great for active jumpers with some trampolining experience.

Size: 8 ft x 11 ft 

Bouncing Area: 77 ft² 

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Choosing the Colors

With 7 different colors to choose from, you can customize the frame, the legs, the mat rods and net rods. Endless options await!

Favorite theme? Favorite team? Favorite color?  We've got you covered!

Springfree Trampoline custom

Choosing the Nametag

Top off your custom trampoline with a personalized nametag. From family names, team names and nicknames - – you choose what it says. Choose from 5 different font colors and name your trampoline!

Springfree Trampoline name tag custom

How to Purchase 

You can purchase custom trampolines online here. Purchasing is easy!

  1. Select your trampoline
  2. Pick your colors
  3. Personalize your name tag
  4. Add to cart and checkout!

Need more help?

You can contact our Customer Care Team and they will work with you to recommend the best, custom trampoline for you and assist throughout the process. Customer Care is available by phone at +1 (877) 586-7723.


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