Jumbo Square Trampoline

The World's Safest Trampoline

We believe kids deserve safe backyard play, that’s why we created the world’s safest trampoline.

What makes us so safe?
  • No dangerous springs
  • No pinch-points to trap toes and feet
  • No hard steel poles and rigid nets
  • No flimsy pads
  • No exposed frame
Choosing the right trampoline for you

We have a model to suit every family and backyard! Learn more about Springfree Trampoline including exclusive offers and deals.

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Why is Springfree the world’s safest trampoline?

Our springless patented design has not only changed the way trampolines work but eliminated the impact areas that cause 90% of all product-related trampolines injuries.

How strong is a Springfree?

We thought we’d show you. See how the world's safest trampoline fairs in the only strength test that really matters to families.