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Why a Small Springfree Trampoline is Right for You

There are many different sizes and shapes of trampolines available, with each having their own strengths and uses. We’ve found that most people use small trampolines for solitary purposes, whether that be an adult getting fit or a child exercising while having fun. But as there are thousands of injuries every year from trampoline use, we believed t the design of a trampoline could be improved upon to make it a safer experience without sacrificing the qualities that makes a trampoline fun. Here are some of the design improvements we made to our trampolines.

  • Our trampolines get their superior bounce from flexible mat rods instead of springs. With no springs there is no chance of little fingers or toes getting caught causing injury.
  • The unique design of our trampoline means that the bouncing mechanism is part of the frame itself. Our trampoline’s structural frames are solidly built with robust materials to better support and withstand the stresses it receives.
  • Many injuries that occur with traditional trampolines happen due to impact with the trampoline frame. This cannot happen with a small Springfree Trampoline, as our frames sit below and away from the jumping surface.
  • Our trampolines are enclosed with a tensioned non-rip FlexiNet netting material, which will keep someone from bouncing off of the trampoline’s jumping area.
  • The trampoline’s tensioned netting enclosure is held in place with flexible rods that are designed to flex and absorb energy, preventing injury if there is impact by guiding the jumper back to the center of the trampoline mat.
  • Small outdoor trampolines usually get a lot of sun, and the UV rays from the sun can damage the surface and netting. As a result, we decided to build our trampolines with UV resistant materials to prevent this kind of sun damage.
  • When you buy a Springfree trampoline you are purchasing a product that is built to last, as we stand behind our trampolines with a 10-year warranty.

Learn More About the Many Different Springfree Trampolines

Springfree offers three small trampolines in different sizes and shapes. Our smallest trampoline is the mini trampoline. We also offer a round 2.5m trampoline and a compact oval trampoline. You can click on any one of these to purchase or to find out more details. You can also view our range of other trampolines online.