• Bocce meet golf
  • Brand new innovative game
  • Fun for the whole family!

Special Gift for your Family

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While you wait for your order to arrive, we have a special thank you gift for you!

Have fun this summer with a brand new game called Lob. This game can easily be set up in your backyard and is perfect for the whole family.

Lob combines Bocce with elements of golf.

The goal is to land your ball as close to the pin as possible. The fun is trying to knock your opponent’s ball out of play and deduct points that they’ve already earned!

How the Game Works

  • Set up the rings and pin
  • Choose a spot to set up the tee box
  • Just like Bocce, toss your ball towards the pin
  • Using the mobile app, choose the location where your ball landed
  • Points are automatically calculated for each player

Lob Mobile App

We’ve eliminated the need for keeping score with pens and paper! Keep scoring easy for the entire family and download the free Lob App on any smartphone.

Lob Includes

  • 4 quality traditional bocce balls
  • 1 palino ball
  • 1 embroidered flag
  • 1 flag pole
  • 18 × 600 mm composite hoop rods (for 3 targets)
  • 1 embroidered tee box
  • 1 deluxe carry bag
  • Instructions

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