Halloween Party Ideas for Indoors & Outdoors

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Halloween Party Ideas for Indoors & Outdoors

Ah October! A month dedicated to playing dress up in fun (or spooky!) costumes, watching scary movies and lots of candy! If your family is planning a Halloween party, you’ve got a ton of fun on the way! We love finding ways to get our kids involved in everything! Especially crafts and foods! These are some of our favourite, spooky party ideas for indoors and outdoors. 


Springfree Trampoline Halloween


Halloween Decorations

Creepy music and dimmed lights or spiders and ghosts? Whatever the theme of your Halloween party, we’re sharing some great Halloween decoration ideas and Halloween crafts which will get you in the Halloween spirit!

Spider Webs: With some Elmer’s glue, glitter and a few sheets of wax paper, these webs are easy to make. Using the glue, draw out the shape of the web and sprinkle it with glitter. Let it sit overnight and shake off the excess glitter, allowing it to sit and harden for another two days.

Bloody Handprints: While you might not want to use your best guest towels for this, your kids will definitely love this craft.  Get them to help by dipping their hands in red paint and leaving their “bloody” handprints on a towel or craft paper. 

Hanging Bats: Using black craft foam and some googly eyes, these bats can be hung outside on your Springfree Trampoline or attached to staircases or walls. 

Halloween Lanterns: Snagging some orange & purple lights and pumpkin lanterns to hang in your yard and from your Springfree, are sure to light up your Halloween party and set the ghostly mood. 


Springfree Trampoline Halloween


Halloween Food Ideas

A Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without spooky snacks! These Halloween food ideas  are sure to give your guests a fright.

Finger Dogs: With a few strategic cuts and some ketchup on hot dogs, your guests will think you’re serving fingers for appetizers! 

Mummy Pizzas: Mummy pizzas are simple to make with just a few slices of bread, pizza sauce and some strategically placed slices of mozzarella cheese and olives. Place them in the oven for a few minutes for the cheese to melt, and you’ve got a simple and easy kid friendly treat.

Apple Teeth:  Apples, marshmallows and some peanut butter is all it takes to make these scary looking teeth. Cut the apples into slices and use the peanut butter to stick the mini marshmallows between the two slices. For step-by-step instructions, here are 3 spooky treats for Halloween. 

Party Favours: Use latex gloves and fill them with your favourite candy and chocolate, then tie them with a ribbon. These make for great party favours for your guests!

Now that we’ve shared our favourite ideas for a perfectly spooky Halloween party, show us yours! Share your Halloween party pictures on our Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.  Don’t forget to tag Springfree Trampoline with #springfree.


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