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Jumping Into Conversation, Episode 5 - Leading in Disorienting Times with Dr Gary V. Nelson

1 min read

Dr. Gary Nelson, author, educator and missional leader joins Springfree founder, Steve Holmes, to discuss Leading in Disorienting Times. 

They hit on topics including current leadership challenges, relational leadership, leaders from Kirk to Picard, servant leadership, re-visioning organizations, approaches to change including understanding simple to complex problems, transformational leadership and relationships in the midst these unique times. 

 Dr. Nelson has demonstrated a long commitment to helping organizations increase their capacity for impact in rapidly changing local and global contexts. During his tenure of leadership in many organizations, Gary navigated through significant periods of change and expanded these organizations in the areas of leadership development, education and sustainable development. 

 Everywhere he has served, Dr. Nelson has been an advocate for inclusion and multicultural participation, while inspiring young leaders and creating opportunities for service. 

 Watch the full episode at the top of this page. 


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