7 Days of Backyard Trampoline Activities

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Want to get your kids out of the house? Need some fresh backyard play ideas? 

Check out the Springfree 7 days of backyard trampoline activities designed to help the whole family stay and play safely at home. 

You can pick 1 a day or do multiple! The choice is yours!

1. Have a dance party!

Dancing improves coordination, endurance, and balance.

  • Take turns busting out your best moves on your trampoline and vote for a winner.
  • Extra points if you make everyone laugh!
  • Add in some karaoke...all levels are welcome! 

2. Story and bounce time!

This will get their minds and bodies moving! Physical activity builds brain function. Studies show that movement can make children more attentive. If your child is struggling to focus, start with movement.

  • Have the kids pick their favorite books and read them out loud.
  • Have a little trampoline bounce break between stories.

trampoline reading childrens books

3. Have fun in the sun!

Sunlight causes your brain to produce serotonin, a chemical that helps you to feel relaxed and happy.

  • Place a sprinkler under the trampoline and cool off.
  • Jump with a giant beach ball, but don’t let it touch you!
  • Fill the trampoline with balloons or water balloons.
  • Cleaning party – load up with soap and clean and jump. Be careful! The surface will get slippery!

4. Create chalk arts & crafts!

The possibilities are endless with a little imagination!

  • Draw rooms with chalk on the trampoline and playhouse.
  • Draw a race track with chalk on the mat and race toy cars around.
  • Draw Hopscotch with chalk and play.
  • Write the alphabet & numbers with chalk on the mat scrambled up, call them out and have the kids jump to the correct answer.
  • Draw an ocean, sky or outer space scene and pretend to be a deep-sea diver, superhero, or astronaut.

Trampoline Chalk Art

5. Shoot hoops!

Take turns playing these b-ball games with your Springfree FlexrHoop.

  • Around the World - Begin shooting from one side of the basket and then move to a new location with each successful shot. Mark different locations around the trampoline mat for your opponent to make on their turn. If you miss a shot in your game, you get one more chance to sink it or your turn ends. Whoever goes completely around the world first, wins!
  • Buzzer Beater - Set the timer. Try and make as many baskets as you can before the buzzer goes off. Highest score wins!
  • Three-Point King - Practice shooting as far away from the trampoline basketball hoop as you can get while on the trampoline. Highest score wins!

6. Nighttime trampoline fun!

Let the kids stay up a little later with these activities.

  • String lights on frame & top of safety net for nighttime jumping.
  • Movie night party with a sheet and projector.
  • Backyard sleepover with sleeping bags and pillows.
  • Stargazing on your Springfree trampoline.
  • Put glow sticks in balloons for glow-in-the-dark jumping.

trampoline night time string lights

7. Have a family photoshoot!

Break out the fancy camera and capture those staycation memories!

  • Have a holiday or birthday celebration in the backyard.
  • Decorate your Springfree trampoline in the holiday theme.
  • Have the family dress up in costumes. Don't forget props!


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