The Classic Homemade Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt!

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There is nothing quite like a classic Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt. It keeps the kids entertained for an hour or so (thank you!), they might even burn off a bit of their Easter treats and also brings out either a comradery spirit as they try to work together or a fun, competitive spirit as they race around. All in all, it’s a great way to pass the time for the kids over the Easter break and you can do it all in your own home and backyard!

We found a few different ideas that incorporate games, exercise and creativity. 

Scavenger Hunt Easter Games for Kids

This one just involves the kids finding an egg of each colour located on the scavenger card (printable from the website). Once they’ve found all the different colours, they get to collect their prize!

Scavenger Hunt for Easter

IMAGE AND IDEA from Fun365 

Backyard Easter Hunt

This one is pretty cool. It really sets the scene with a little Easter station, Easter decorations and plenty of fun games and riddles to keep the kids entertained for a full morning or afternoon of fun.

Backyard Easter Hung

IMAGE AND IDEAS from Be A Fun Mum 

Energy Burning Easter Egg Hunt

It is inevitable that there will be a few treats about on Easter, so be prepared with this high-energy Easter egg hunt that sees the children hunt for plastic eggs that are filled with exercise challenges. The kids will get into the spirit of it as they run around hunting out the next clue.

Energy Easter Hung

IMAGE AND IDEA from Eats Amazing

Bringing out the Family’s Competitive Side

This site has incredible ideas for all sorts of Easter fun! From a ‘golden ticket’ to a nature hunt to QR codes and even has trophy ideas! With 20 different ideas, there’ll definitely be one or maybe 20 that you’ll love to try… we certainly want to!

Competitive Easter Fun

IMAGE AND IDEA from Good Housekeeping 


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