A Springfree Trampoline will be #lifechanging for your family!

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By Jen Plym from CharlotteSmartyPants.com

Last summer, our family installed a Springfree trampoline and it was seriously the BEST.THING.THAT.HAS.EVER.HAPPENED.TO.OUR.KIDS (besides a puppy).  Here’s why.

My family is a very active one and covers a wide range of ages of kids from elementary school to high school.  We have two gymnasts and divers, one cheerleader and one workout queen – so all four equally love the benefits of having a trampoline right in our backyard.

It was important to us that we get the safest trampoline on the market, and we’re confident Springfree was exactly that choice.  After all, Springfree was designed by a dad who set out to design the  safest trampoline.  We are one year in and have had zero injuries.

Since getting the trampoline, our house has become the go-to house in our neighborhood.  The kid hot spot used to be at a neighbor’s house with a “regular trampoline.” But all the kids switched to our house, even the one with that old trampoline, once the Springfree entered the ‘hood. We love that kids want to be at our house! It’s the best playdate ever!

Our kids jump on the trampoline every.single.day. Not kidding. They play outside for hours on end, which is exactly where they should be.  In the new world of technology and screen time, we’re thrilled that our kids are super active, outside kicking it back old school.  And they love every second of it! 

They also like the added value of practicing their sport of choice: gymnastics, cheer, dance and diving. 

The boys of course love to slam dunk…

My oldest teenager in high school loves doing the tgomaFit workouts – they are such an amazing cardio workout!  Just 30 minutes is all she needs!

Here’s a fun trampoline idea perfect for the longer spring and summer days: set up a tent on the trampoline and do a night of camping, right in your own backyard. The trampoline provides the perfect support for comfy camping! Set up a fire pit in the yard, make s’mores, hang Enos and enjoy a fun night outside. Our kids LOVE trampoline camping and their friends ask for it every time they come over for a sleepover.

Bottom line, your life will be forever changed when you bring Springfree into your home.  We are happy knowing that our kids are active, healthy and outside. It’s a win-win for parents and kids of all ages! Springfree trampoline truly is #lifechanging.


Jen Plym, Founder, CharlotteSmartyPants.com

Jen Plym is the mom of four active kids from elementary school to high school. She and her best friend started Charlotte Smarty Pants as a daily blog in 2007 before social media even existed. With Jen’s leadership and vision, CSP now engages thousands of Charlotte parents each month and has become the ultimate parenting resource for the Greater Charlotte, NC community. 

Jen’s passion is connecting Charlotte parents with each other. She is committed to opening the communication lines between all parents and truly believes that when everyone is talking to each other, big things can happen.  

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