13 Ways To Get More “We” Time With The Family This Winter

Spending quality time with family strengthens your family bonds, creates happy memories, and helps you connect with your kids. Make this winter all about family time!

Check out our tips to get more “we” time this winter!

1 – Involve the kids in chores and errands. Invent a family clean-up game where you compete to see who can pick up the most toys the fastest.

2 – Teach them to cook. If you’re making dinner, get them to help prepare the meals. It’s a great way to get them learning a new skill too!

family cooking

3 – Make it a family game night with charades and Pictionary. You can even turn it into a family tournament to see who wins!

4 – Have a board game night. Pull out your family favourite board games and get playing!

boardgame night

5 – Dust off the puzzles. Building a puzzle is a great way to spend time together problem-solving.

6 – Jump on a Springfree. Check out our winter jumping tips and tricks for the family!

winter jumping

7 – Bring back summer with an indoor picnic. Grab some grub, spread a blanket on the floor and have a family picnic (without the ants!).

8 – Put on some great music and dance till you drop with a dance party! Your kids are guaranteed to outlast you. Don’t’ forget to each them some of your top moves.

dance party

9 - Pull out your art supplies and get crafty. Check out this guide to build your own cardboard picture frame!

10 – Put on your winter gear and make snow angels together!

snow angel

11 – Have lots of snow in your backyard? Build an awesome snow fort with the family.

12 – Up for a challenge? Have a snowball fight with the kids.

13 – Build and decorate a snowman. It’s a winter classic!


What are your top activities to spend time with the family in winter? Tell us in the comments!

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