Christmas Eve Installation Tips

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Did you choose to self-install your trampoline for Christmas? If your little jumpers are lucky enough to be getting a Springfree Trampoline this year, and you're doing a big reveal on Christmas Day, you may be setting up Christmas Eve. 

So call your friends around, bring the wine, beers and cheese, and follow our Christmas installation tips to make your Christmas Eve installation as easy as possible! 

These handy tips will help make sure your Springfree set-up runs smoothly! 

Christmas Installation Tips

✔ Grab a friend or two to assist… many hands make light work!

✔ Give yourself plenty of time to install your Springfree. It can take around 3 hours, so don't leave it too late on Christmas Eve.

✔ Before you start the assembly process, read the installation manuals and watch the installation videos for both your trampoline assembly and your tgoma installation. They provide essential tips to make your install easier. Then make sure you follow the manuals step-by-step during the installation process. This is critical to ensure your installation goes to plan.

✔ You’ll find separate manuals, for installing your trampoline and tgoma respectively, in the boxes they came in. And you can view model-specific videos online, for the assembly of your trampoline, and for the installation of your tgoma unit – our Smart Trampoline technology. You can also find all the trampoline manuals online, however it's important to be sure you get the correct model's manual – including the make of your trampoline (answering the questions prompted online correctly will help ensure you get the right one).

And don't forget, if you need any other help we've got you covered! You can call our amazing customer care team with any questions you might have at 1-877-586-7723.

Merry Christmas, and happy bouncing, from the team at Springfree! 

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