tgoma Updates: New Game and Notifications

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New Game: Pop

Pop will keep you active for hours! It’s so much fun you’ll want to pop ‘til you drop! Jump on balloons to pop them. Pop the friendly blimps and use their payloads for popping extra balloons, but make sure you don’t pop the pirate blimp – you’ll lose points if you do!

Now available to download for free from the Games section in the tgoma app.

New Feature: In-App Notifications

You may have noticed a new icon in your tgoma app. Discover the newest games and competitions with in-app notifications!

Global Alien Stomp Comp!

From Dec. 20 to Jan. 5 we’re looking for the best stomper in the World… no, the UNIVERSE! This is your chance for greatness – get stomping people!

Go to the News & Events section in the tgoma app to see details.

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