Smart Is: The Perfect Christmas Present

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It’s still dark outside. You wake up to kids running into your bedroom shouting “Merry Christmas” before they rush down stairs. Imagine the look on their faces when they wake up Christmas morning to see a trampoline in their backyard!

A Springfree trampoline is a gift that delivers for the entire family. We’ve transformed the backyard trampoline into the world’s first outdoor interactive game system with tgoma, designed to help kids go outside and be active. tgoma has games and apps for everyone, including high-energy activity games, educational games for exercising both body and brain, and fitness training apps for adults and kids!

Hiding A Trampoline

There’s nothing better than a surprise. But trying to hide a Springfree Trampoline from the kids this Christmas might seem like a daunting task. We’ve got you covered! Check out our top five hiding places to make that Christmas morning reveal a surprise.

Wrapping a Trampoline

Wrapping up your trampoline for Christmas morning would take a lot of wrapping paper – and we mean A LOT. But how great would it be to wrap it up in a bow and make the moment that much more special? For the crafty (and the not so crafty) that are looking to go the extra mile, we've created a step-by-step instructions and How-To video to help you make a big impression this year!

The Christmas Surprise

Whether you love wrapping gifts or not, most people agree that wrapping large or odd shaped presents is a challenge. We’ve seen some great ideas over the years that we can share with you that dress the trampoline up and add to the excitement of the reveal on Christmas Day. Check out how Springfree customers have wrapped up their trampolines for Christmas morning!

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