How We Spent Our Summer: The Summer Wrap-Up

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Last week we said goodbye to summer – what an amazing summer it was! And with the start of fall came back to school, sweaters, and all things pumpkin-spiced. Like all kids back in school, we decided to look back at our favourite moments from this summer.

Unveiling the Smart Trampoline™ to the World

On May 9th we launched the newest step forward in Springfree with tgoma. (Yeah, we know May technically isn’t the start of summer, but we are just so excited!) It’s the first outdoor interactive digital game system that we’ve designed to get kids outside and active. tgoma’s games and apps are designed to be fun for both kids and adults challenging the entire family while increasing their time outside in the backyard. And we’ve got lots more amazing games coming this year!

Smart trampoline

Springfree Ambassador Rosie MacLennan Won Gold!

First, Springfree Ambassador and trampoline athlete Rosie MacLennan was named the Canadian flag bearer for the opening ceremonies in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Then she went on to win the gold medal in Rio! This made her the first person ever to win back to back Olympic gold medals in trampoline. We are so proud to work with this amazing woman!

Springfree FlexiNet Saves the Day

A young trampolinist came in to test jump our trampolines. She wasn't expecting the FlexiNet enclosure to protect her so well when she almost bounced out of the trampoline. Check out her reaction!

Springfree Owner Moments

One of our favourite things is seeing the wonderful moments Springfree owners have with their families. Whether it’s jumping with the sprinkler on to keep cool, getting exercise with tgomaFit or just enjoying the outdoors – we love them all. Here are some of favourite moments from the summer:

Jumping with the sprinkler on is the perfect way to keep cool on hot summer days.

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Don’t have a drive in near you? Have an outdoor movie night right in your own backyard!image


Taking a moment out of the busy summer for stargazing. 



The trampoline is more fun than a pool!


Even bears like to bounce!

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