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Safety Statistics
Trampoline Safety Statistics

Fun should never come at the cost of safety.  Learn more about the risk of head injuries caused by traditional trampolines and why Springfree is the only safe choice 

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Customer Reviews

Just add water!


Large Oval Trampoline

We have had so much fun with our new Springfree Trampoline this summer. My three kids chose a trampoline as their group birthday gift this year. It has become the "go to" toy in our backyard. We also have found out how much fun it can be when the sprinkler is added. The bounce gets bouncier and the kids stay nice an cool while bouncing away in the summer sun.

Janine Brisbois
Sharon, Ontario, CANADA

SpringFree Trampoline

My 12 yr old son loves his SpringFree trampoline! This product is safe, reliable and FUN! The team of people that work there provide the BEST customer service ever! I have nothing but high respect for these people...they are efficient and very courteous and support their product and customers 100%. You can't get much better then that!!!
Thank you!!!

Marilyn Anderson
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

Good investment


Large Oval Trampoline

Bought this 3 years ago for my then 8 years old gymnast daughter. She loves it. It's wide enough to do figures and bounces real well. Now my son who's now 8 (but not a gymnast) also uses it extensively, playing with a soccer ball. As for me, I really like it as it's really easy to maintain. 10 minutes to close it for winter and 10 minutes to open it back when spring comes. And even though it's been used a lot and gone through 2 winters, it still looks like new. It's more expensive than your traditional one but I thing it's well worth it.

Jean-Francois Gagnon
St-Constant, Quebec, CANADA


This is my second review, the 1st I was pretty negative about the quality and overall, let me explain. It was very dificult to build and one of the sockets broke in my hand (the scockets hold the rod to the mat). I was pretty beat up after a full day of fighting with it. Life is good now, with some advice from the amazing customer service department and a new socket on the way \i'm good to go. Here is what I did to get it together: 1 follow the directions, 2..very important put the rods in place the way you would install wheel nuts. Do two rods on each side of a joint in the frame, then do the same on the oposite side. noe you have two on each side of each joint do a couple of more and so on.

New Brunswick, CANADA

Excellent Customer Service


Jumbo Square Trampoline

I contacted Springfree by email to request a new buckle that was broken on the cover that we had just bought for our jumbo square trampoline. All I wanted was a new buckle, but they sent us a whole new cover! All they asked for in return was a photo of the broken buckle. On top of that the customer service was fast and friendly. Great stuff and a refreshing change.

Thank you Springfree!

Greg Paull
Grande Prairie, Alberta, CANADA

Customer Service


Medium Oval Trampoline

Fantastic trampoline and customer service exceeded my expectations. Replacement parts were shipped fast and without question, will definitely recommend this product to others.

Gordon McDonald
Alberta, CANADA


One way to increase the risk of injury to your child is by allowing your child to use a trampoline. Visiting the Children's Hospital during the summer is a wonderful eye opener to the damage a trampoline can cause to a child's body. If you call the Children's Hospital in your area, the highest form of injury to a child is while on a trampoline, period. Are you nervous about purchasing one now? Well, I am here to say that this new invention, will certainly reduce the risk to injury of your child with this mode of spring-free/non-steal post method of construction. Nothing in life is completely safe, walking across the street, you can be hit by a bus. This engineered masterpiece is sure to instil a level of ease in the mind of parents. Just watch the video where they compare a standard trampoline to the spring-free model....not satisfied yet? Purchase one and try it out for yourself. The only concern I would have is the longevity of the materials used in this spring-free model of trampoline. I think it would be amazing to see a video on an individual still jumping on a trampoline ten years later, that has been sitting out in the yard in all types of weather. Thank-you for creating a fun outlet for my kids with an increased piece of mind to safety.
~Mr. Jason Baird.

Jason Baird
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
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