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Family vacation; a time to relax, unwind and reconnect with those you love most.  But the cost of hotels, meals and transportation for a family can sometimes make vacations hard to afford.  We believe that you can enjoy a mini-vacation in your own city or town. Staycations are a great way to enjoy all the pleasures of a family vacation without breaking the budget.

Tips for Planning a Great Staycation


  • Treat your staycation just like you would a real vacation, take some time to plan it out before you embark on this fun family journey. Here are some tips to help you plan ahead: Determine the length of your staycation and set
  • a date
  • Put money aside for activities, meals and any other things you might want to do
  • Act like a tourist in your city and explore the sights and activities you’ve never done
  • Plan your activities ahead of time and include your kids in the planning process
  • Set an out-of-office alert, this means no checking emails and try to stay off your phone
  • Take lots of pictures




Explore Your City

Whether you’ve lived in your city your entire life or just a few months, there’s bound to be parts of it you’ve never ventured out to or attractions you haven’t yet seen. This is your chance to explore and partake in local activities. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Zoo or Aquarium- explore marine and wild life at the zoo or aquarium. Many zoo’s and aquariums have “behind the scene” passes or camp over nights, which allow you to experience it in a different way if you’re family has already been there.  
  2.  Local Museum or Art Gallery- learn about history and art as you go on a journey through time. Ask your kids questions and find out what they see or enjoy the most.
  3. Fairs and Festivals- most cities have different fairs and festivals throughout the year. Keep your eyes peeled online or for banners around town for dates.  These are often free events for the entire family. Theatre- enjoy a night of fun and entertainment while seeing a play or musical.
  4. Pools or Water Parks- if you’re your staycation is in the summer, pack a picnic and head out to the local pool or a water park. You can stay cool and make great memories.
  5. Sporting Event- depending on your schedule, most cities will have sporting events going on throughout the year. Pick a major or minor sporting event and head out for a day of cheering on your favourite team.
  6. Hotel Stay- often just checking into a hotel for the night can make a huge difference and feel like a getaway. Go out for dinner or just order room service and spend the night in a plushy hotel bed.
  7. Parks- plan a scavenger hunt or a picnic and head out to the park for a day of fun. Make sure to check online for activities going on in the park, such as outdoor movie screenings and concerts.
  8. Fruit Picking- spend the day picking your favourite fruit or berries and then use them to make jam, in baking or freeze them to use year round.
  9. Volunteer- what better way to explore your city than by helping out in your community? Find an activity that interests you and your kids and spend the day helping out.



Outdoor Activities

  1. Lake Visit- enjoy the great outdoors and spend a day at the lake kayaking, canoeing swimming or enjoying the trails.
  2. Camping- whether it’s going to a campground or setting up tents in your own backyard, camping is easy and flexible. Don’t forget to include the traditions of camping: telling ghost stories, building a camp fire and of course eating s’mores.
  3. Beach- nothing says a summer staycation like a day at the beach. Put on some sunscreen and spend the day building sand castles, swimming and playing in the water. Finish the day off by going for ice cream as an extra treat.
  4. Bike Ride- rent a tandem bike or bring your own bike and explore the city on wheels. Check online for maps and trails you can ride along.
  5. Golfing- spend the day taking a golf lesson or going mini golfing. Play Outside- you don’t have to go far to enjoy the fresh air. Whether it’s flying a kite, going on a hike or bouncing on a trampoline, spend time playing outside as a family.

You don’t have to go far to enjoy a family vacation. In fact, most cities have plenty of activities and hidden adventures you can discover just by exploring. The point of a vacation is to relax and have fun so put those chores on hold, take time away from work emails and enjoy a staycation with your family.

Explore Your City with Springfree Trampoline

We know how much fun exploring your city can be so we’re giving one lucky family in each of the cities below an opportunity to win a staycation of their own! The winning family will receive one night stay in fancy hotel and a family pass to a local attraction! Simply choose the city you live in below and for your chance to win.  Full contest terms and conditions available on each contest page.

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